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20-1223 Voyager Station

Welcome to Space! 

Sawyer Thorpe  6/3/2021

By 2027 a space hotel will be opened for citizens from around the world. For a 3 and a half night stay at this hotel in orbit of our home, it will run you at $5 million USD. With accommodations for every customer, there will be portable habitats of land from around the world. With their most recent $1,000,000 USD donation goal reached, they announced that they would be able to construct the hotel that will be 200 meters in diameter with pools, trees, and portable habitats in it. 


“Our planned orbit and elevation for Voyager Station is 97 deg and 500-500 km. This is a sun-synchronous polar orbit that will reduce thermal stress and allow the most continuous solar power generation. There, orbit degradation and space debris risk will be nominal.” Announced OAC’s official twitter account.

Orbital Assembly Corporation’s Twitter account continuously gives updates about their progress on the orbital hotel that spread from comedic posts to construction and even features for their part-time show that runs on Youtube and other platforms.

With the possibility of space debris shutting down the entire project, the space station has plotted a course to bring minimum danger to its passengers while bringing the best experience possible for a hefty price of $5 million USD a stay. 

With help coming in from the United States’ NASA program to a private company called SpaceX, prices for space travel have considerably lowered in terms of the broad look of things. 

With comments about the articles coming to light, many are beginning to suspect that all of this planning and construction is simply talk while they find a way to take the money for themselves. With it being in the realm of possibilities, investors must use their own sense of judgement in the project. 

CVU Becomes Virtual Reality

Mr. Nani Clemmons

With the Covid 19 virus, our lives have seemingly moved to a virtual reality, plugged into computers, limited to the traveling space of our own backyards. What if we could travel though? 

What if, with the aid of technology, we could travel the world while staying home? What if we could go further? 

How you may ask? Through virtual reality. Virtual reality or VR is a fake 3D environment individuals can enter and interact with through the use of a headset and a controller. 

VR Equipment

Gary Lambert the media production educator at Champlain Valley Union High School believes there’s a lot of educational potential with VR, and for the last couple of years, Lambert has been experimenting with new ways to bring the technology to students. “I think there are applications for [VR] in lots of different classes. There are lots of different ways VR could potentially be used to put students in an environment, either a custom-built environment or even on virtual trips. With VR you can take virtual trips to real locations and experience what that place looks like without having to actually go there.” Through VR, students can travel to exciting new places that previously seemed out of reach due to high expenses. For example, students of history classes could visit famous historical sites and museums all around the world while remaining in their classrooms.

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The Hidden Technological Treasure Troves of CVU

Mr. Hunter Ducharme

Have you ever needed to make a video for one of your classes at CVU? Three years ago it wasn’t as easy to as it is now. There was no green screen, no sound room, and taking out equipment was nearly impossible. Or, at least, it was nearly impossible until several film teachers talked to Nick Molander, a CVU administrator, about upgrading the AV room to better meet the needs of students.

Image courtesy of Mr. Gary Lambert

Molander and Adam Bunting, CVU principal, understood the issues teachers brought up and took action. Bunting sought out Gary Lambert, who was teaching at Burlington Tech Center to fill the vacant media position at CVU. “I was impressed with the work he did over at Burlington Tech. He built a studio and program over at Burlington that kids fell in love with,” said Bunting.

That’s exactly what Bunting wanted Lambert to do at CVU, and Lambert’s expertise made it happen. Lambert went to work, finding out what students and faculty wanted and needed. “It was my dream since I walked in the door to build a studio kids could use. They hadn’t had anything like it,” Lambert expressed.

Image courtesy of Mr. Gary Lambert

Since Lambert has come to CVU, there is now an entire studio in room 116 that includes almost everything you would see in a professional studio. It has everything from a green screen to a soundboard. The room is even carpeted to reduce the amount of echo when filming. There is a separate sound room inside the studio for strictly recording audio. This room is almost completely soundproof, and they are working to make the whole studio soundproof so there won’t be any outside noise.

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A New Generation of the Apple Family: iPhone XS, XS MAX, and XR

Ms. Elena Crites

CUPERTINO, CA — On Tuesday, September 12, the new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR were announced at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The XS starts at $999.00, the XS Max at $1099, and the XR at $749, according to Apple.

Image Courtesy of Flickr.com


Each new phone boasts a new range of specs. According to the company, the XS carries a 5.8” display, the XS Max a 6.5” display (the largest on any iPhone yet), and the XR a 6.1” display. Every phone is water resistant, with the XS and XS Max resistant to a depth of 2m, and the XR resistant to a depth of 1m. Each phone also has wireless charging capabilities, Face ID, a 7MP TrueDepth selfie camera, and a Liquid Retina LCD screen. Apple says that the screen is “the most advanced LCD in the industry.” Like the iPhone X, none of these phones have home buttons.

Different memory capabilities are available as well with 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB options for the XS and XS Max, and 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB options for the XR. A variety of colors and finishes are also available. The XS and the XS Max come in gold, space gray, and silver, while the XR comes in red, yellow, white, coral, black, and blue, as seen on the Apple website. The new phones will be available in stores starting Friday, September 21st.


GNU/Linux Operating System Gaining Popularity at CVU

Mr. Milo Cress, CVC Tech Guru

Screenshot 2018-03-13 at 7.31.12 AM

CVU Senior and aspiring engineer Willem Hillier has come to rely on the GNU/Linux operating system for many of his most ambitious projects, such as a fully functioning award-winning robotic reed organ. “In our society, software has control over almost every aspect of our lives, and with open source software, there’s a transparency that comes with being able to see all the code that [the software] is built off of. What you see is what you get.”

The Free and Open Source Software movement aims to move the power of software development from large corporations to interested individuals who want to contribute to the community.

According to the Free Software Foundation, “‘Free Software means software that respects users’ freedom and community. Roughly, the term implies that the users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change, and improve the software. Thus, ‘free software’ is a matter of liberty, not price. It is ‘free’ as in ‘free speech,’ not as in ‘free [drinks].”

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Opinion: Many Students Disgruntled by Tech

Mr. William Braun

As our society and school grow more dependent on computers and technology, it seems that CVU has come up with the “1:1 plan” to stay ahead of the curve. In reality, the idea was rushed and implemented before we were even ready.

As a result, seniors who decided to use their own devices have virtually no source for tech help and those who didn’t were given the “opportunity” to use the school’s old, beaten, and cheap computers while the rest of the student body strolls the halls with their nice and new Chromebooks.

Oh, and the CVU student Wi-Fi still stinks.

Matt Vile from IT says the purpose of the 1:1 plan was to “give each student a tool to do their work,” that students have “equal access to technology,” and that everyone would be “using the same technology.” While the goal of the 1:1 plan is sound in theory, the means of its execution are far from logical.

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Technical Schools Offer Alternatives to Public School Learning

Mr. Justin M. Olson

Image Courtesy of Staticflickr.com
Image Courtesy of Staticflickr.com

All CVU students are eligible to attend one of two technical centers, offered at no cost to them, Burlington Technical Center and the Center for Technology Essex. Out of a school of 1,222 students, there are only 37 of which currently attending these technical centers. That’s 3% of the current CVU attendance. A presentation is held every year in the CVU auditorium to show students what possibilities and educational  advantages these schools can provide, yet only 3% of the student body currently attend these schools. Both schools have a long portfolio of available programs, 24 in total, all available to CVU students.

Burlington Technical Center (BTC) is a technical school that, according to their updated 2016 website, claims to provide an “Immersive, hands-on study with highly trained professional instructor mentors in state-of-the-art labs and classrooms, through experiential learning opportunities.” Students can attend BTC on a half-day for two year schedule. Offering 11 programs, that have attracted 13 of the 37 technical center student hailing from CVU, students can study anything from Criminal Justice to Medical and Sport Sciences. BTC will soon be adding a program called Studio B. This program will allow students from all other programs to work together to create and design innovations such as prototype parts, cars, and planes to be tested and used by other programs.

Center for Technology Essex (CTE) is a technical school with “comprehensive technical programs for all students which include career exploration, preparation and technical literacy.” Students can attend one of 13 programs such as Cosmetology, Professional Foods, and Dental Assisting. CTE also has many introductory classes available to students to give them a taste of what it would be like to attend programs such as Automotive Technology, Cosmetology, Engineering and Health Sciences. The large diversity of available programs have attracted 24 of the 37 CVU students currently enrolled in a technical school education.

Swipe Right: The Rise of Online Dating

Mr. Kyle Gorman

“Hi!! I’m a 21 year old looking for a good time ;) I love long walks on the beach and my pets. I am a career gal, so don’t go messin with my business. I love corny pickup lines, so HMU! Swipe right for a passionate night!”

Image courtesy of Innovative Technologies

This could be just one of the many profiles that is swiped through millions of times a day on any number of dating applications. Dating sites and apps like Tinder, eHarmony and Match.com have torn through dating pools all over the world, especially in the U.S., and have revolutionized social norms in doing so. These sites have made social connection much easier and have turned courtship into a flurry of hookups. Even in the last ten years, dating has changed infinitely, and it all can be attributed to these successful dating sites.

While online dating has not always been the go-to place to meet someone, in just the past 10 years the trend has taken leaps and bounds. According to eHarmony, the second-most popular dating site on the web, from 2013 to 2015 the percentage of 18-24 year olds that reportedly use online dating sites has jumped 17 percent, from a slim 10% nearly tripling to 27%. That is an incredible increase in just two years. 27 percent may not be a majority, but that encapsulates hundreds of thousands of people in the 18-24 age group. With all these people on dating sites, it is no wonder that meeting people one may be interested in online is much quicker than patrolling the bars in their hometown.

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iPhone Alternatives

By  Mr. Bryan Claussen

iPhones are the norm for many people. According to Cnet, “An estimated total of 94 million iPhones were in use in the US at the end of March [2015], including 38 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units.” Apple has a huge brand, but there are tons of Androids out there that you might not have even considered. Here I will compare a three flagship phones from three brands, starting with Apple. This is just a taste of Android phones, and don’t worry, most of them don’t catch on fire. All the specs that I use are from gsmarena.com.

iPhone 7 ($769)

Image courtesy of gsmarena.com

Screen: 5.5”

401ppi pixel density

Weight: 188g

Camera: Dual 12mp cameras


Waterproof: Yes

Battery: 2900mAh

Overall: The new iPhone is a good all-around phone. It has great specs, two cameras, and is waterproof. Unfortunately, Apple decided to remove the audiojack which leads to unnecessary inconveniences, and may require you to carry around extra cables. The battery has only gotten 5% larger from the previous generation. It does not have wireless charging or improved build quality. It is Apple’s most expensive phone, so luckily there are cheaper alternatives.

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Technology puts a new face the future of social interactions

Ms. Megan Gannon

A group of teens are sitting at a table for dinner. They have not seen each other for a while. Therefore, they definitely have something to talk about, yet there is silence. Every single one of them is on his or her phone. Every once in a while, one of them will show what is on the screen to another and that is the most face to face interaction they will have. Where will this end? Is there any hope for the future? Relationships are being weakened everyday by the lack of true communication between people.

According mediashift.com, without the interaction being face-to-face, people miss out on the expressions in the person’s face and the tone of voice. This causes confusion over text because you are unable to understand the emotion behind someone’s thoughts. I mean you can always use an emoji but I believe those are rarely acceptable in serious situations.

Photo by Emma Plociennik

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