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A tourist’s view of Qatari culture

By Colin Hallibuton

Recently I got the opportunity to visit Qatar for the World Cup. I was excited to see the games of course, but also to discover Qatar. Like many others, before the World Cup I had barely, if ever, heard of it. But when I got there and looked around, it was a little different to what I expected.

Qatar is an interesting nation culturally, because it has no culture. It feels middle-eastern, borrowing many traditions and ideas from its neighbours, like foods, architecture, sports, but nothing of its own. Only 8% of the 2.3 million people are Qatari, the rest being migrant workers or immigrants bringing their own cultures. The oil money has allowed it to build a shiny, but thin, veneer of cool skyscrapers and stadiums, but lurking close behind are the rows of empty apartment buildings, deserted hotels, and Lebanese restaurants. Qatar has spent the past 12 years rebranding itself and building everything around this tournament, which brought in over 1 million new visitors. The cost of focusing so heavily on what everybody thinks of you is that they forgot to focus on what they actually are. Even the national museum, while it has an impressive exterior, it only has a couple of exhibits about the nomads that used to live on that land, and where they came from.

These images are some of my favorites that capture the essence of Doha.

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One of many stray cats hangs around the new cruise ship port, built for these floating hotels used to accommodate the influx of world cup visitors

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A shop owner walks through his falconry store, popular in the middle-east and the national sport of Qatar. The store is noticeably empty of customers, and full of stock.

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Souq Waqif is the main market in Doha, built to emulate the traditional trading markets of the area. There are some higher end restaurants and craftspeople, although it mostly has lines of fake jewelry stores and cheap sports jerseys for tourists.

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A lone camel rider passed our desert tour, riding into the sunset.

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The view from the Qatar national museum, built by French architect Jean Nouvel to resemble a ‘desert rose’.


The view going into Ahmad bin Ali stadium before the USA v Wales game.
The view going into Ahmad bin Ali stadium before the USA v Wales game.


The view going into Ahmad bin Ali stadium before the USA v Wales game.


FIFA President Sepp Blatter Announces Resignation

Mr. Jackson Palmer

ZURICH–Amid an international corruption scandal, FIFA President Sepp Blatter held a press conference to announce his resignation on Tuesday, June 2nd. Blatter had just won reelection for his fifth consecutive term 4 days prior to his resignation.

Blatter has remained president of FIFA for 17 years. During the brief press conference, he said that FIFA needed “profound restructuring.” Local CVU student and avid football fan Juan Meneses had a few words to say on the matter: “Honestly, I’m not surprised.”

Recent indictments of 14 FIFA officials for alleged bribery, money laundering, and fraud have caused an upset with the football community across the world. Most prominent is the controversy surrounding the 2022 World Cup bid won by Qatar. Two FIFA executive committee members were disqualified from voting on the bid due to allegations of corruption regarding their votes.

Hazardous work conditions for migrant workers on the football stadiums in Qatar have left an estimated death toll of 1,200. At this rate, it is estimated that 4,000 more workers will die by 2022 when the stadiums are expected to be completed. FIFA officials have done little to nothing to address the poor working conditions in Qatar which has exacerbated the animosity toward Blatter and FIFA itself.

As a result of the indictment scandal, Blatter is stepping down as president and calling for a reelection. It’s a step in the right direction, but the fate of the 2022 World Cup is still to be determined.

Girls Soccer Roundup

Mr. Bijan Motia

With back to back undefeated seasons and four straight championships, CVU Womens Soccer is one of the most dominant sports programs the state has ever seen.

It’s not often that a program can win four straight championships. Most people would go and direct all the success that the program has had over to the starting players on the Redhawks squad, most of whom are returning next year, but it’s rare when a program can say they have a coach that hasn’t lost a game yet.

Stan Williams, coach of the CVU Women’s Soccer team for the past two years, hasn’t lost a game yet in his tenure.

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