AED: Preparing for the unexpected

By Mr. Maxwell Akey

HINESBURG, Vermont– On March 2nd, 2015 at the semifinal Vermont division one girls basketball game between CVU and Rice, a traumatic event took place. Towards the end of the game Rice head coach. Tim Rice fell down unresponsive towards the end of the game. No one had any idea of what to do for a while, considering Time Rice was unresponsive on the ground, until an athletic trainer was able to get an AED and perform CPR until the ambulance came.

Since the Tim Rice episode occurred, a new addition to Vermont’s second largest high school Champlain Valley Unions sports teams includes the emergency CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) plan. This new regulation was mandated by the Vermont Principals Association (VPA).

Vermont high school sports are well underway. At Champlain Valley Union High School just 4 weeks in, this year’s fall sports teams are CPR trained and ready with an emergency plan in case of another sudden cardiac arrest scenario similar to Tim Rice’s. According to athletic director Dan Shepardson, “I hope we never have to use this plan. It’s not going to stop a broken leg or a torn ACL, but like the Tim Rice incident, it’s to know how to handle a situation like that.” Continue Reading

Humanity Helping with Habitat, A Trip Report

Ms. Layne Hall

Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1976. It is a non-governmental, Christian organization. There are over 1,300 organizations across the United States, that work together to build houses for those in need.

During spring break, I went down to North Carolina with twenty other students and adults. The ride was long, but pleasant, since I was surrounded by my friends. We stayed the night in Washington D.C. and left the next morning at eight. When we finally arrived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we wandered around the city. Later, we got situated in our rooms, and relaxed.

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