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photo by Debbie Seaton

Was Prom Really That Different This Year?

By Georgia Bruneau, Mon, June 7th, 2021

HINESBURG- As we know CVU prom was a little different this year. Aside from adding masks to everyone’s outfits, our biggest change was the location. Prom this year was held outside right next to the school. A lot of work went into making this prom enjoyable for everyone. There was a big tent, a dance floor, and even food trucks. That’s a first for our students here and as much fun as it was, most hope for it to be the last.

CVU senior, Maggie Bruneau voiced her opinion on the dance. “It was okay, better than how I expected it to be but, to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I’m a little disappointed that I will never get to experience a true high school prom but this was fun too. I appreciate the hard work the staff put in to make the night enjoyable and fun for everyone. The food trucks were cool and different, and the red carpet was really pretty throughout the school. I could tell there was a lot of effort put into it.” 

Sophomore Esther Cuneo, like Bruneau, shared the experience of her first prom. “For my first ever prom it is definitely not how I dreamt it would be. But it was fun, very close to normal, I would say it felt like life was almost normal again. But for the circumstances, it looked way better than I thought. The staff definitely put their best efforts into the decorations and it showed, I honestly didn’t think it would look that good. And the food trucks were a great bonus. As for the actual dance… I didn’t stay long. But everyone I saw looked great and seemed to be having a really good time. Overall I would say it was a success, and now our proms can only get better from here” But fortunately unlike Bruneau, that won’t be Cuneo’s last CVU prom, and like she said, “Our proms can only get better from here.”

Some of the prom chaperones have a different viewpoint on how the night really went. “Everyone came in looking great, high spirits, everyone seemed really happy, which was normal prom stuff.” Says campus supervisor Seth Emerson. “It seemed like everyone was having a really good time, the dance floor was crowded the whole time, it looked like people were having a blast! It came out better than I expected.”

Math teacher “Jersey Steve” Reinman agrees with Emerson’s lively take on the prom evening but sets a more realistic tone for the night. “Prom was totally different this year, you had to wear a mask, it wasn’t at the venue it was at CVU in the back of the parking lot, there were a lot of restrictions on what we could and couldn’t do, but that being said, prom was totally awesome this year. The food trucks out there were really cool, and way more people came than I thought.” 

As for Steve’s expectations, the night went above and beyond dealing with the restrictions we had. “But it wasn’t like prom a couple of years ago like when it was at the old lantern in Charlotte, that was a really nice place. But for what our guidelines were, I think we knocked it out of the park!” Most agree with this honest statement, for dealing with a global pandemic our prom staff really made the night “almost normal.”

Photo by Debbie Seaton

Junior Class Council Gathers Bottles for Prom

Ms. Adalia Williams

Courtesy of Karen Needler, CVU Teacher.

On January 12th and 13th, eight students took to the streets to collect bottles donated by the CVU community. The fundraiser was held by CVU’s Junior Class Council in order to to raise money for the Junior class.

In the midst of Vermont’s cold winter, they looked to their community in order to collect bottles in an effort to raise money for upcoming Junior class activities. Camille Menard, a CVU junior who participated in this event said, “I’d definitely say it was cold… We were in the Hannaford bottle area for over an hour, our hands were freezing… The conditions were not ideal.” Students battled the chilling temperatures in order to raise money for their junior class. Collecting bottles is just one way students work to raise the funds that pay for events like Winter Carnival and Junior Prom.

Karen Needler, a CVU math teacher and Junior Class Council advisor said that parents from Shelburne to Williston contributed. Over a hundred dollars were raised in this effort, according to Needler.

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Is Prom Worth It?

Ms. Nina Mollo

Throughout the history of time, prom has been considered one of the most significant nights of a high schooler’s career. My question: is it really worth all the trouble?

 The average amount of money people spend on prom per year is absurd. A poll taken by USA Today asked 1,025 parents with children in high school how much they planned on spending for their child’s prom. The average amount was just over $1,100.


 When I was in middle school, prom was a “big kid” thing, like driving, and I was looking forward to it, but now that I’ve experienced the expensive dance, I can say with certainty that it doesn’t live up to the hype. There are so many other things a group of kids could do on a Saturday night that don’t involve spending $500+ on an outfit, flowers and a ride.

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