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The Lion King III: Bunting Comes Home Again

Ms. Allison Henson

The name Adam Bunting is one that has been floating around Champlain Valley Union (CVU) High School for quite some time — but many of the current students don’t know who he really is. Bunting started as a student at CVU in 1990 and soon after graduating became a teacher from 1999-2002.


He initially started as a long-term Spanish substitute for the Williston Central School, although he will be the first to admit he was not the best for the position. After involving himself as a substitute and athletic coach at CVU, he became an English teacher in Fairbanks core.He then attended Harvard Graduate School, and finally became one of the House Directors in 2003. In 2012 felt that it was his time to leave, but CVU is not a community easily left, and he was quickly drawn back, scheduled to assume the position of principal in fall 2015. In his absence, Bunting was principal at Montpelier High School (MHS), a much smaller school than CVU, which worries some people considering how large CVU is. CVU is a tight knitly community that has learned to care deeply about its people. Bunting emailed in a few answers to questions that were asked by various CVU members to address any concerns that they may have; and it looks like CVU will have nothing to fear with his return.

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