Target Misses the Mark

Ms. Violet Hamel-Wade

Vermont is a state that is known for it’s beautiful scenery, endless outdoor adventures, and locally produced farm products. It is without a doubt a gorgeous place to live, and one that many residents are proud to call their home. However, our green mountain state has always lacked the commercial society that has grown considerably throughout the world. Many people feel suffocated by the small town feel and enjoy the journey to the next state over for a shopping mall with enough stores to satisfy even the casual shopper. It is for this reason that the new Target that opened in the University Mall on October 21st, 2018 was such a huge deal.

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Target is known for its versatility and universality. It has things to interest anyone from the pre-teen and the young mother to even the great grandfather. The buzz had started even before a date was set for opening, but shockingly following the autumn grand opening, many locals were underwhelmed.

We waited a long time for Target to come to Vermont,” said “Kacey” on Facebook, “but so far I’m disappointed. There seems to be a little bit of everything, but not a lot of anything.  And I do not understand at all why you would take up so much space of this small store with food!! There is a Hannaford, Trader Joe’s and Healthy Living surrounding Target.” It is true that the University Mall nearly shares a parking lot with Hannaford and if you prefer more niche items, Healthy Living and Trader Joe’s have you covered. It seems highly unnecessary to include a grocery section in this already cramped Target.

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The Latest But Not the Greatest: Apple’s Airball

Mr. Jack Reynolds 

Many people are ecstatic about the release of the new Apple Macbook, but the majority of techies and the internet as a whole are ridiculing the new laptop, and Apple for it’s new design. In my opinion, the laptop is a sellout. It’s a machine for the masses, that abandons many of Apple’s old selling points, and has left behind the vision that made the company so successful in the first place. The new Macbook is a product of the new Apple: a company that will sell anything to a fan-base that will buy anything with their logo.

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As Apple’s second most expensive laptop, behind the Macbook Air, one might expect a list of new features and impressive tech specs, that push the laptop into the spotlight. However, this isn’t really the case. Starting at $1299, the laptop is $400 more than the base Air. Yes, it’s more compact and yes, it’s lighter, but those are all things we expect from the Air, not it’s big brother the Macbook. The Air also boasts more processing power, starting at 1.6GHz over the Macbook’s 1.1Ghz. For those who aren’t familiar with technical jargon, the bottom line is that the Air can handle more data, faster. So what will people use this new computer for? Take video chatting off the list because the non-HD 480p front-facing camera means you’ll not only have a better experience on your Air, but even on your iPod or iPhone. All three sport 720p HD front facing cameras, that have been common technology since the ancient iPhone 5, which came out back in 2012.

So why would Apple, a company famous for innovation and design make a laptop like this? Simple: it’s available in gold. This is a product specifically aimed at those who always want to have the latest Apple tech, because those actually need a functioning computer have so many better options, for less money. Hopefully the extra $400 dollars is enough to deter you, but don’t worry if it’s not, Apple has another trick up its sleeve. Remember when the iPhone 5 came out with the new lighting charge cord and everyone was upset because none of their accessories would work? Well if you’re having Deja Vu, you’re not alone, because Apple has conveniently changed the charging port on the new Macbook, and completely gotten rid of the conventional USB port. This means that besides the headphone jack on the opposite side, there is only one port on the laptop, a the new USB-C. This one port handles charging, data transfer (in place of a USB), and video output.

If you do buy the laptop, be prepared to buy some adapters with it, because you can’t plug in your phone anymore, or use any of the old Apple notebook chargers. So if you’d like to charge your phone, thats a $29 USB-to-USB-C adapter. Want to plug in your SD card from your camera? That port is gone too so you’ll have to use a USB adapter and the USB-C adapter on top of that. Looking to charge your phone and your laptop so you’re ready for tomorrow? Don’t worry, Apple’s got you covered. Since there’s only one port, it’ll be an additional $80 for an adapter that’s got room for both.

So where’s the innovation? Sadly, it might have left the company with the late Steve Jobs, because everything the tech giant has released lately is meant to pave the way toward bigger paychecks, not the future.