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CVU Sports This Week 5/14/21

Jett Barbic



The boys lacrosse team defeats Middlebury and Rutland this past week and moves to 8-0 on the season


The girls lacrosse team lost against South Burlington




The baseball team came back from 7 down against Burlington to win 14-12. And now are looking forward to their rematch with South Burlington on 5/15



The boys ultimate lost this week against Burlington which ended their undefeated season

CVU Lax Bros Extend Winning Streak to Four

Mr. Zachary Hark, Sports Correspondent

Hinesburg, VT — On April 17th the Champlain Valley Varsity Boys Lacrosse team won the fourth game of the season 16-8 against Middlebury on Wednesday night at home.

The Redhawks again started off very strong in the game with Max Gorman, attackman for CVU, scoring the first goal of the game.

Photo by Zach Hark

The Middlebury Panthers quickly adjusted following Gorman’s goal and trucked down the field to tie it up 1-1.

The Redhawks doubled down to score 3 more points before the end of the first quarter, which was closed out by Jake Schafer scoring to put the Redhawks up 4-1.

“We played a great game. We talked well, passed well, and when it comes down to it, we made most of the shots we took on goal,” said Kyle Cahn, of the CVU Redhawks.

The Redhawks continued to play strong throughout the rest of the game, scoring 12 more points and only allowing 7.

“It was one of the more entertaining games to watch,” said Zane LaDuc, a student at CVU, “there was a lot of movement which made it enjoyable to watch”.

The Hawks’ next feast is Woodstock Union High School on Monday, April 22nd at CVU.

Lax Brahs Look Forward

Ms. Megan Gannon

While many high school athletes just want a shot at a championship, CVU men’s lacrosse will take nothing less.

The CVU boys’ lacrosse team is going for their fourth championship in a row this year. For three years, they have dominated their division. They have already started gearing up to compete for the 2016 state championship.

Last year, the team struggled more than usual during the beginning of the season. The team wasn’t clicking as much as they had in the past, likely because they lost many key seniors. Similarly, this year they have lost many key defenders and some midfielders. With the potential to fill ten spots, the team could be fairly young. This could prove to be beneficial or detrimental this year depending on how well the team incorporates the new players. However, there are three four-year veterans on the team that could make it a smooth transition: Griffin DiParlo, Matt Palmer, and Dylan Schaefer.

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LAX-Bro Report: Rebels Fend off Redhawks in the Dark

Story and Photos by Mr. Jake Dawson

South Burlington, VT­­ – The South Burlington Rebels hosted the CVU Redhawks on Friday, May 8th under the lights at 7:00pm. This was the second time the Redhawks took on the Rebels, but the first under the lights game on the South Burlington turf field. Fans quickly filled the stands at the turf and everyone was treated to a beautiful saxophone rendition of the star spangled banner.

The first faceoff of this game was won by South Burlington’s midfielder a Junior #17 Preston Grippo. Grippo quickly lost possession of the ball so CVU switched from defending to attacking. The Redhawks moved the ball around and it soon found #10 Junior midfielder Griffin Diparlo. Right in front of the net, Diparlo connected for the first goal of the game with just over a minute elapsed. Less than a minute later, the Redhawks scored again giving them a commanding lead with only a couple minutes gone. CVU’s Elliott Mitchell, a Senior midfielder helped his team some more which was the start of a big night for him. He took a page out of Diparlo’s book and scored right in front of the net. Mitchell will be attending UVM next year to play lacrosse for them.


The Rebels called a timeout after Mitchell’s goal, and they found their rhythm. They came back fast with a Sophomore midfielder #32 Max Capano who scored in front of the net on Senior #21 goalie Chris Gronlund. As the Rebels closed in on a tie, some intense defense by long stick midfielder, Senior #26 Greg Talbert  was needed. Talbert played keep away, darting back and forth in the middle of the field with the ball. He moved the ball downfield, and found Mitchell in front of the net again. Mitchell ripped a shot to the top left corner and scored. The Rebels fought back and scored again about 40 seconds after Mitchell.

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