The iPhone 7: Are the new features worth it?

 Mr. Douglas Schmidt

Apple released their new iPhone 7 model earlier this month which features a better camera, screen, and stereo speakers. However, Apple neglected to include a headphone jack, rendering all previous headphone models useless unless customers purchase a lightning jack converter, or spend more money to buy their new headphone model AirPods, or Bluetooth headphones from a third party. Arguably, this could be Apple’s worst move, ever.  

A headphone jack serves more than one purpose on an iPhone. It can be used as a microphone input, a credit card reader, a thermometer, and 3D camera. More importantly, it can be use as an audio output. A headphone jack is a more practical, robust, and a much simpler version of Bluetooth. The headphone jack just worked. Micah Singleton, a tech writer for The Verge, said,The belief that killing the most popular port in the world on the most popular smartphone in the world would have no consequences is wholly shortsighted.It’s more than just a plug, it’s the source of income for a massive industry of headphone jack accessory developers around the world, and Apple just simply stole it from them.



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The iPhone 7

By Mr. Bryan Claussen

Courtesy of Mirror Online

Photo courtesy of Mirror Online

The new iPhone is out! Imagine, a perfect new iPhone. Wireless charging, a bigger battery, a phone body that isn’t as slippery as a bar of soap, maybe even a screen that doesn’t shatter if you drop it on anything harder than a pillow. Introducing the iPhone 7. They didn’t do any of that, but they removed the headphone jack.

It’s not easy to make a new and innovative phone each year. 50 years ago, computers were the size of a room, now millions of people carry around tiny computers in the palm of their hand.  And the companies that make these amazing tiny computers keep making them better, moving them towards the future. Hopefully in 50 years we will snicker at the phones we have now, but the new iPhone 7 is not a step toward the future, it is behind the times.

The best feature of the new iPhones is that they are waterproof. However, competing smartphones such as the Sony Xperia line (the Xperia Z was introduced 2013) and Samsung S Active line (the S4 active was launched in 2013) have had waterproof smartphone lines for three years.  Waterproofing isn’t a new feature, it’s an old one. With the Iphone 6 (released in 2014), Apple even made strides to make their phone more waterproof. They reworked the iPhone’s frame to accommodate a gasket around the edges to make it more waterproof. They even went as far as to put a silicone seal on every cable connector.  But they didn’t go all the way, leaving them to do the work to make the iPhone 7 waterproof, and leaving them years behind competitors.

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