GC and R.I.S.E. Represent New Twists on Old Ideas

Ms. Jasmine Leavitt

Hinesburg VT–  Although Grad Challenge has changed from a research process to a reflective one, some students say the stress and anxiety for them has not changed, even though they may see the purpose of Grad Challenge.

CVU senior, Liam Freeman says, “Grad Challenge has being going well. I have met all the deadlines so far, since I am passionate about my topic: Fly Fishing.”   

CVU senior, Clark Schmitt noticed some overlap of having both RISE and Grad Challenge in the same year. “The RISE program allows people the same opportunity as Grad Challenge. It would be cool if they incorporated the two together, so students could work with seniors on their Grad Challenge.”

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Tangible Product Fair Rolls into CVU

Mr. Jacob H. Bouffard 

As the fourth quarter closes and seniors can start to see their final days as high school students come to an end, only one thing stands in their way at Champlain Valley Union…Grad Challenge. A year long product that showcases “real world” experiences to high school students allows for them to gain a new perspective in a field of their choice. Many of these projects include a tangible product that the students made, and these products are shown to the whole school before their presentations during the Tangible Product Fair.

Video poduced by Huber & Shanks

In the past, the Tangible Product Fair has included all types of projects from a cake, to a surfboard, or even a metal sculpture. There are no limits on what students can enter into the fair, as long as they produced it themselves.

The main purpose of the fair is to allow students to put their work on display and talk about the experiences they had while doing the project. Since the presentations are only in front of roughly twenty people, the tangible product fair allows students to freely talk about their creations one on one without any pressure.

Having a tangible product fair doesn’t only showcase the student’s new found talents, but it also gives future seniors an idea for what they might want to do for their projects when the time comes. CVU senior Jeff Boliba “I got the idea to make a snowboard for my grad challenge my sophomore year when I saw that someone made a surfboard for their project”.

The fair is scheduled to be on Thursday May 25th, 2017 during all of third block. Students are encouraged to stop by during their lunch period and glance at all or some of the projects. There is no word on how many projects will be present, but in the past there has been enough to fill up the library with all sorts of inventions and creations.


Reconstruction of a Capstone

By Mr. Kyle Gorman

Time is the most unstoppable force known to man, Time is also famed for moving too fast, and in high school time seems to move even faster. As a young, bushy tailed freshman, becoming a senior one day seems almost unattainable. Although time strikes again and again, soon enough that same jubilant freshman has become a scarred, and cynical senior. Once that fourth year of schooling at CVU hits, every student is met with the task of handling more responsibilities than have ever been asked of them. To top off the stack of work, seniors begin to partake in the infamous Graduation Challenge.

As the Senior class of 2017 begins the lengthy capstone project, some new adjustments to the project have been added. The changes are poised to make the workload more manageable, make students access previous writing techniques, and turn the focus of the project more towards the experience, and less about the research. The modern student hopes the statements to be true, as less work is always a positive.  

As the faculty and staff unveil the updated project, the list of changes is already a topic of discussion. The project has undergone three major adjustments, the first being the push to standards based grading. This change looks to be a smart move, as CVU has recently made the change to standards based grading in most classes. Continue Reading

Tangible Product Fair Showcases Senior Works

Ms. Katherine Hoechner

Graduation Challenge is an opportunity for students to explore into a topic that they personally find interesting. There is an option of the project that allows students to create a Tangible Product that can both be graded by the Panel and showcased for fun. This year, CVU hosted its annual Tangible Product fair on May 21, 2015. Over 40 students showcased their projects ranging from a photography display to a reconstructed car.

Although the CVC didn’t have the chance to document every single project, here is photo gallery of those we did get to check out, and the stories that accompany the products.

Franklin (skis)


Natalie Franklin- For her Grad Challenge, Natalie spent 60+ hours designing and creating her own pair of skis.

Jake Dawson- For his Grad Challenge, Jake built a Tiny House with a team of 15 others. A family of three and their pet dog plan on moving in once construction is finished.

Emma VincenVincent (skirts)t- For her Grad Challenge, Emma had lots of fun designing and making ballet skirts. These skirts can be found and purchased off of her website: ableskirts.bigcartel.com. You can also check her out on Instagram and Facebook @ableskirts

Nicole Boufard- For her Grad Challenge Nicole worked with photography and created a small-scale exhibit for people to view. At the Fair she also showcased her new website that her photographs can be found on as well. Nicole spent over 300 hours on the project itself, and 150 on the Tangible Product alone.

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