Chromebooks: The new normal for CVU Freshmen

Mr. Doug Schmidt

HINESBURG, VT – CVU’s new “1-to-1” program is equipping every incoming freshman student with a new laptop to use both at school and at home to further incorporate technology into the learning process.

The program started in 2015, when the class of 2019 received new Windows computers. While the computers worked, they were unable to properly connect to the wireless network the school already had installed. “The Windows computers were good in concept, but in functionality, they had an older wireless card so they only operated on one of the two WiFi frequencies which caused major issues in all cores”.  These computers were replaced at the end of the 2015-16 school year with an updated Chromebook to avoid running into the same problem. So far, three weeks into the school year, no major issues arose other than a few shattered screens and broken keys.


Photo by Doug Schmidt

The goal of the program, according to Matt Vile, CVUs IT coordinator, is “to have a device in every student’s hand throughout the day to work on courses online with Moodle and Google Drive, and to do school work at home.” He went on to say “This creates an almost seamless connection between working at school and at home, in addition to equipping students with technology they can use throughout their four years at CVU,”

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