Cultural Collision

 Mr. Jacob Bouffard

HINESBURG – Champlain Valley Union High School (CVU) has many overseas adventures for their students. Among these

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annual trips is the England, Ireland, and Wales trip. Lead by Mrs. Tamie Jo Dickinson and Mr. John Bennett, the trip is held during April break until May 2nd. This trip has been integrated within the CVU culture since 2005 and has had a great impact.

All students are welcome to participate in the expedition to the UK. There are no requirements for the explorers other than enthusiasm for the quest for knowledge and a a good time.

The trip’s purpose is to get students involved with foreign cultures by traveling from the US to the Dublin area and experiencing their ways of life, along with the artifacts that come with their culture.

Then, students shop on a plane to Shrewsbury, UK, and then to the final destination of London. Throughout the trip, the group tours large attractions such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Ring of Kerry, Stonehenge, and many more. These attractions all illustrate the many cultures behind the UK, and give a good idea of what it is like, or was like for its citizens.

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