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Get to Know Your CVU Student Body Co-President Candidates!

By: Katrina Kajenski, Tues, May 18th, 2021

Hinesburg- The CVU student body co-presidential election is happening now. Candidates have being working on a variety of mediums to get there word out about how they will help CVU. Voting will begin at 9:00am Tuesday, May 18th via an emailed google survey and will close at noon on Friday, May 21st. As of now the co-president candidates are Jack Averill and Oliver Pudvar, Chloe Stidsen and Olivia St. Peter, Aidan Devine and Fritz Wetzell and Sabina Brochu and Sophia Stevens. 

On Monday, May 17th I interviewed all of the candidates about the election, starting off with Jack Averill and Oliver Pudvar. The Averill Pudvar team have been planning their candidacy since May of last year and are super excited to work to help CVU. When asked about how they would lead CVU, they said, “We think we would be good leaders for CVU because we both see issues at CVU we believe we can help eliminate to make CVU inclusive for everyone.” When asked about their plans for CVU they shared “ Our plans for next school year are to bring CVU back to life. What we mean by that is bringing events back to CVU as well as adding events, encouraging school spirit to sporting events, theatrical performances, and art shows. We also want to make these inclusive for everyone, so we want to use multiple spaces at events to attract more than just one group of people. We also realize that students really like going out to lunch, and with the amount of support that has brought to local businesses, we want to keep that as an option for students.” Lastly they wanted to share that “a vote for us is a vote for CVYOU!” 

Next I spoke to Aidan Devine and Fritz Wetzell. They are mainly focused on restoring CVU’s sense of community and school spirit. When asked about why they choose to run they said, “We both decided to run for this leadership position because we feel we as a team we are the best choice for representing CVU. With great community outreach through our involvement in many clubs and varsity sports and our experience with leadership we feel are well equipped to handle any challenges the upcoming school year might pose.” When asked about what their plans are for the CVU 2021-2022 School year they shared “In the 2021-2022 school year we will be bringing back school spirit events like never before. The challenges of this past year inspired some great problem solving in our public events like prom, 9th and 10th grade celebrations, and current planning on end of the year celebrations. We want to carry these new ideas forward while still holding on to many of the traditions we all love”. They are both are very excited to start to help CVU.

Next I talked to Chloe and Olivia. They met each other in 6th grade and are ready to represent CVU. When asked about their plans for CVU, they said, “Our plans are to increase environmental awareness by organizing a tree plant-a-thon. We have already been in contact with an organization that can supply us with free seedlings to plant and guidance on how to pull off a tree planting. We understand that not everyone will want to get involved with this, so we will also create a digital day. This just allows time to reflect on how much paper we really use.” This is just one of their many ideas to help the CVU environment. When asked about CVU and how they will help they said,  “We feel CVU is at a turning point. We are transitioning from hybrid back into somewhat of normalcy next year. It is a great time to improve CVU. We think CVU is a great place, there are just some aspects that we’d like to make better. However CVU has to want to grow and improve to do that. Your vote is how you can show your support for our vision. We want everyone at CVU, not just ENACT to understand the problems facing our environment. We want CVU to be a place where different points of view are heard and celebrated, where everyone feels safe. We need your help to get there.”

Lastly, I talked to Sabina Brochu and Sophia Stevens. Sabina was the captain of the co-op Cougarhawks girls varsity hockey team this winter and Sophia is the captain of the Varsity Softball team. They both met freshman year in Nichols core. When asked about how they would lead CVU, they shared, “We both are involved and enjoy being members of the CVU community. We also have contrasting personalities that help us to provide a cohesive and productive leadership style. While working together on the campaign Sabina has brought very elaborate and over the top ideas to the platform and Sophia has helped to make them more realistic and include lost of important deals that Sabina would originally have over looked, that’s really being a uniqueness to our platform and ideas.” When asked about what they would do for CVU, they said, “We plan to bring back redhawk pride and make cvu a place where everyone is excited to come to school and a place where everyone feels included and heard.” 

CVU has got some great candidates, so go out and vote CVU. Voting should be in your email!