Behind the “Blonde”: The Welcoming Environment of CVU Theatre Crew

 Ms. Violet Hamel-Wade

An air of anticipation hangs in the dark theater. The whispers create a quiet hum as phones are switched off and parents shush their children. The pit orchestra has been playing a continuous tune that fades to silence as a spotlight appears in the center of the stage. Behind the curtains, nerves are high.

Some of these students are performing in their first CVU show, while others are about to have their first experience playing a main part. The voice of the audience falls silent and the show begins. The cast entertains the audience, singing, dancing and joking their way through the story. At the end of the performance, the curtain falls and families leave the theater, laughing and recounting their favorite parts. What they don’t see, however, is the team of students who live behind the curtains.

While the actors and actresses we see on stage certainly play their part in the magic of CVU’s theater productions, the crew is an essential yet often unnoticed piece of the production.

“I don’t think that the people who see the show really think about [the crew] at all. The cast is really good about understanding that they need and depend on the crew,” says Bronwen Cobden, the stage manager at Legally Blonde, the most recent musical at CVU.

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“Urinetown… what the heck is that about?”

Ms. Halina Vercessi-Clarke, Editor-in-Chief

Run-down on the CVU Fall Musical 2016: Urinetown

bob poor


“Urinetown” the musical opened on Broadway in 2001 as a satirical comedy that commented on capitalism, populism, environmental scarcity, corporate mismanagement, and even musical theatre itself. And, yes, the bizarre title is purposeful. “Is this really the title?” was even a comical addition to the Original Broadway Cast album design as shown below:

“Urinetown” Broadway Musical Home 

So, welcome to Urinetown…not the place, but the musical! We may not know what “Urinetown the place” is (you’ll have to come see the show to find that out), but we do know that this comedic combination of musical spoofs will have you laughing like there’s no tomorrow and will not let you leave the theatre unamused! Set in a town suffering heavily from a drought, this lively musical will have you rethinking the extra 20 minutes you spent in the shower singing through Whitney Houston’s hits. So, come see this comedic musical with a purposefully unpleasant title, love-at-first-sight gone wrong, dancing cops, tragedy, and of course, many over-exaggerated reactions.  


Show dates:

Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th at 7:30pm

Sunday the 30th at 2:00pm



$7.00 for children, CVU students, and CVU faculty

$9.00 general admission

(you can buy your tickets at the CVU Store, or order them online here)

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Images of cast are courtesy of the CVU Theatre Program Facebook page