A Survivor’s Story: The Holocaust Trip opens eyes

By Mr. William Ravell

Meeting a survivor of the Holocaust is something that very few people have done, and it is becoming harder to meet survivors as the event grows more distant in the past.

Survivors of the Holocaust can provide first hand accounts of the terrible things that occurred that can’t be understood by reading, or watching movies. The CVU Holocaust and Human Behavior class had the opportunity to meet David Bayer, a Hungarian Jew who lived through the terrors of the Holocaust.

Bayer told us the story of his life, starting with how he was a well-off Jew living in Hungary. When the Nazis invaded, his life was forever changed. He was forced to live in a ghetto and had to beg for food from Nazi soldiers. When he did this, His peers pointed out to the men that David was a Jew. Bayer described the feeling of being betrayed by his friends in such a way as heartbreaking and sad. A few of the Nazis poured their soup on the ground in front of him, once they knew he was Jewish. CVU senior, and member of the class, Kiera O’Brien, said that Bayer “thought that they were his friends, and they turned on him. That’s hard to think about.” O’Brien also talked about how it was “Upsetting to understand what he had to go through. It is hard to imagine a childhood so altered.”

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