Clerical Pool Prints Paper Perfectly

Mr. Issac Cleveland 

HINESBURG, VT – A Women Working sign hangs on a hidden office between the Freshman Core and Four Corners in Champlain Valley Union High School… a complete understatement of the effort needed to supply students and faculty with their much needed pamphlets, packets, and papers.

Photo Courtesy of Diane Burgess

Photo Courtesy of Diane Burgess

Diane Burgess and Alice Ranieri are the women in charge of the CVU Clerical Pool, supporting the backbone of the CVU system and providing all of the faculty with their class materials. The importance of their jobs is unknown to most of the students at CVU and most of the CVU community is oblivious to the issues that the Clerical Pool faces daily.

The two women work non-stop Monday through Friday, fulfilling every paper demand of the 122 members of the CVU faculty. Teachers usually send requests to the clerical pool days before their classes to make sure that they get the papers they need. They reserve a special seat—the Chair of Shame—for the disobedient, forgetful teachers who need last minute prints right before their first block classes.

According to Nick Clark, the head of the IT department at CVU, 440 cases of paper are bought at the beginning of every school year from W.B. Mason to supply CVU with the paper that it needs. At 5000 sheets per case, the school uses over 2 million sheets in one academic year. Much of it is used by the Clerical Pool just to meet the needs of the faculty.

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