Grab and go grub for the CVU student that’s always on the move

By Mr. Will Ravell

We’ve all had days where we sleep in through our alarm and are running late. You don’t have time to eat breakfast, so you go through the day hungry because the cafeteria always has lines. That’s where the Redhawk Cafe Cart comes into play.

A few years ago, the CVU Cafeteria purchased a cart but didn’t really do anything with it. This year though, Leo Laforce decided to make it happen. It is widely known that students are often in a rush in the morning, meaning that they may not have time to eat. Many times the cafeteria will have lines, making it hard for students to grab some food. The idea of the Redhawk Cafe Cart is that it will be much faster, offering mostly “grab and go” type snacks, according to Laforce. This cart can be used with cash or with your school lunch account, optimizing the convenience. The hours of operation for the cart are from 7:30-10:10 every morning, to make sure that students are fed in the early part of the day.

Students and teachers aren’t sure what to think of the cart. Senior Colin Monsey says “It’s weird.” He also admits that it is a “good idea.” Senior Nate Shanks says that the cafeteria is closer and has a better variety. Business teacher Tamie-Jo Dickinson is a fan of the new cart, saying that one of her students returned to class much faster because the cart had no line. Out of a whole morning business class, only three had ever used the new cart. Senior Zach Toensing says that if the cart were to have iced coffee, he would be using it all the time.

There had been talk of the cart moving around the school, but Debbie Donahue says that the cart will not be moving from Four Corners, because Four Corners is the heart of the school that every student goes through every day.

So far, business has been slow, according to Leo Laforce and Debbie Donohue, but it is starting to be busier, especially during rushes between blocks. It seems that the only real problem for the cart at this point is awareness. Students are confused by it, and aren’t sure what to make of it. If you are a fan of the cart and want it to stay around, tell people about it.