Burlington Art Hop Draws in Locals

Ms. Talia Loiter

Burlington, VT – The weekend of September 7th, Pine Street was closed off to make room for the annual SEABA Art Hop. Local artisans showcased their works with open studios, events, street stands, fashion shows, and exhibits, pulling in art enthusiasts and curious passersby.  

South End Arts Business Association (SEABA) puts on the Art Hop every year in order to “promote Burlington’s Pine Street corridor and its growing number of artists and businesses.” Their aim is to “represent [their] membership which includes many of the exhibiting artists and sites in the South End Art Hop.”

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BTV Waterfront: A swiss man, a sunset stroll, and a camera

Mr. Max Schmid

Despite the freezing temperatures on a nice day in January many people were enjoying the rare glimpse of the winter sun. From a Photographers standpoint it seemed to be the perfect setting. Beautiful landscapes, nice warm lighting and happy faces all over the place.

Max Schmid, a photography student at CVU, took advantage of this opportunity and went out to the waterfront to take pictures of strangers for his photography assignment. The photos were taken at golden hour which is around an hour before the sun sets. For many visual artists this is an ideal time to capture natural light on textures, landscapes or people.

Cities Go Green

Mr. Kevin Motia

In an effort to fend off the negative effects of fossil fuels such as ecological disruption and health problems like respiratory ailments and cancer, many U.S. cities have been transitioning towards the use of clean energy for their electrical needs.

Two years ago, Burlington became the first city in the U.S. to become completely reliant on renewable energy for its residents’ electrical needs. The city has become an example for other communities to follow.

the McNeil Plant, courtesy of Burlington Electric

the McNeil Plant, courtesy of Burlington Electric

Burlington became the first city to run on 100% renewable energy by investing in a hydropower plant in 2014. More recently, influenced by Burlington’s achievement, other American cities have begun to look at their own natural resources for energy uses.  According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, there are now 29 cities located in the United States which are run 100% on renewable energy.These cities include Aspen, Colorado; Kodiak Island, Alaska; and Greensburg, Kansas.

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Earthbound Trading

Ms. Anna Steeley


Burlington, Vermont-October 23, 2014-“Earthbound Trading,” a gift shop located on Church Street draws a unique type of diversity into the mix of the second whitest state in the US.

Although, it is a trade store it is also a chain store. There over 100 “Earthbound Trading,” shops in the United States.

The merchandise comes from all over the world. The clothing and jewelry mostly from India and Indonesia; this takes up half of the store here in Burlington. Also other countries that are highly displayed in this store are Peru and China, of course.

Two employees were recently interviewed of what they liked best of working at this trade store. Both of them could agree that the other people of whom they also work with are very friendly, the atmosphere was great, and that there was no manager to tell them what to do. The workers said they didn’t know much about the different countries where the gifts were made. But, they did know where they were made and how. For example, the rain sticks that are sold at this store are made of cactus. Another item is the salt lamps they are made in China from Himalayan rock. The salt lamps are one of the most popular items in the entire store.

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