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CVU Library on the Rise?

Mr. Christopher T. O’Brien and Mr. Jacob C. Griggs

HINESBURG- Late Wednesday, a CVU senior, Taya Leprevost, went to the CVU library to check out the book, “Midwives.” Taya is one of many students who are checking out fiction books from the library regularly.


Taya is an avid reader and says, “I check out a book about once a month. Usually they are WWII books; however, I needed a break from them so I picked out a fiction book.” Taya has found the book “Midwives” to be very intriguing, considering that the author is from Vermont and that it is also where the story takes place. This isn’t only true for Taya, many more CVU students have been checking out more and more fiction books than non-fiction.


Peter Langella, the CVU librarian, has been around the CVU books for 6 years and he says,“We [the librarians] have been making a conscious effort to update the fiction section of the library with current books, and we can tell with the amount of fiction books being checked out that there is more student interest in fiction books than nonfiction”



Image Credit: Banwell Architects

In his experience at the library he has seen some trends throughout the years. According to Peter, “more fact based sources are now online and students and staff have been checking out less nonfiction books.” Instead of people checking out less books, the amount has increased through the years that he has been here.


Peter also explained, “The library is more of a hang out place. Over the years it has stayed the same, but I believe there should be a student center of some sort. CVU has tried to make places for students like the cafeteria or the front for students to socialize.” Even though the library is meant for studying and getting work done, Peter doesn’t see any other place for students to socialize in the school during their free time, and therefore, is okay with socializing in the library rather than studying.


Although it may seem that the library hasn’t been used in the way it is intended, many books have been checked out daily and students will continue to socialize in the library until CVU finds another place for them to be able to take a break from school during the day.