Planning For The Future: What to Look For When Searching For The Right College

Ms. Charlotte Willis

With seniors gearing up to graduate and juniors starting their college search, many teens are left wondering what they should be looking for when trying to find the right college for them. While searching for colleges can be hard, there are some things to consider about a school to make the picking process easier.

One of the Chittenden Guidance Counselors, Sarah O’Hara- Hughes, says a few things to think about are the size and location of schools. Where a college is located is one of the most important things that a person should take into account. Another important trait of a college is majors. If you know what you want to major in, you have to make sure that the college you choose offers it.

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A sample Naviance “scattergram”

Hughes commented on what she thinks is important in finding the right school. “The size I think is important too. Are they looking for small, medium, large? And this can all be done in a college search, particularly the one [CVU] uses is Naviance.”

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Seniors offer advice on applying to college

Ms. Lucy Anderson

As April draws to an end and May begins, there are many changes. The days grow warmer, students start participating in spring sports, and everyone looks towards the promise of summer. However, the greatest change for many CVU seniors is the knowledge of where they will be attending school next year. After months of hard work writing essays, gathering recommendations, filling out applications, and finally receiving admissions decisions, the members of the class of 2016 who have chosen to attend a college or university know what school they will next year call home.


The process of selecting a college is arduous and in most cases, extremely stressful. As the long ordeal draws to a close, many seniors want to share their wisdom with juniors and underclassmen. In order to do so, CVC caught up with Lucy Pappas, CVU vice president and future Middlebury student. Pappas applied to Middlebury early decision, which means that she sent in her application early with the condition that if she got accepted, she was binded to that school. Pappas recommended early decision for any student that has “truly fallen in love with a school, because knowing where you’re going so early is really nice. However, if you’re not completely sure, there’s nothing wrong with applying everywhere regular decision or early action. When I went on the Middlebury tour, I had that ‘ah-ha!’ moment.”

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