ShredHawks Hang on for More Snow: CVU’s Ski & Snowboard Club Frets about Iffy Conditions

Mr. Ethan Oglesby

HINESBURG- CVU’s Ski and Snowboard Club, The Shredhawks have experienced a slow start to the season due to bad weather, but are hoping this changes soon.

So far this season, the club has only made one after-school trip to Bolton Valley, where in past seasons, it would have made up to four or five by this point in the season.

Image by CarolFoxProductions Inc.

CVU Shredhawks and mascot. Image by CarolFoxProductions Inc.

An avid skier and Shredhawks member, Fiona Love says, “We have gone up once, but after this past thaw, we have been waiting for better conditions. After this upcoming storm, we are heading to Bolton for a day trip this Wednesday.“

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(Big sigh) Climate Change: Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

Ms. Elyse Martin-Smith, CVC Culture Correspondent

Could you imagine the devastating effects of having your home destroyed by flooding or a powerful hurricane? Could you imagine constant heat waves, like in Vermont where they are used to skiing the snowy slopes? Could you imagine getting only so much water per person, per day, because your supply is drastically low? If we continue on the path we are on in terms of global warming, this could be our reality in less than fifty years. Many people don’t realise how quickly our futures and the futures of our children will be permanently altered because of climate change. One question we should ask ourselves is: What is going to happen, and how can we fix this?

According to the 2014 National Climate Assessment, “between 1958 and 2010, the Northeast saw more than a 70% increase in the amount of precipitation falling in very heavy events (defined as the heaviest 1% of all daily events).” This battle against climate change hasn’t just begun, but in fact climate change has been a problem for quite a while. Based on this trend, scientists have begun to predict what weather changes may happen in the near future. NASA says that “heat waves, heavy downpours and sea level rise pose growing challenges to many aspects of life in the Northeast. Infrastructure, agriculture, fisheries and ecosystems will be increasingly compromised.” This is the opposite in the Southwest, where they predict increasing numbers of droughts.



These extreme weather conditions will not only affect humans, but they will also affect other animal species. Near the poles, “the Arctic Ocean is expected to become essentially ice free in summer before mid-century,” according to NASA. Chittenden Core science teacher Andrea Boehmcke proposes that “[the largest consequence for the earth] is going to be rising sea levels and flooding,” which will not only shift the water cycle but also wind patterns. She also explained that there would be severe droughts as well.

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CVU Mathletics Dept: Mathletes Convene for Showdown at U-32

Mr. Milo Cress

Montpelier, VT – The CVU Math League team has returned from their meet at U-32 High School in Montpelier on January 5th after completing a set of tests designed to challenge and enhance their problem-solving and cooperative skills.

Dylan Gooley, a CVU junior and advanced math specialist, was impressed with his team’s performance. “These math competitions are a great environment for like minded, bright individuals to enjoy their passions. Although lacking in a strong presence of veterans, the CVU math team shows a measure of competitive vigor. At today’s meet, one of the Sophomores on the team, named Jake, scored the legendary perfect score on a test”.

Image smuggled by Milo Cress

Image smuggled out by Milo Cress

According to Charlie MacFadyen, the team’s coach, “Math League provides an opportunity for students who enjoy problem-solving and learning additional topics and techniques in math. We meet every Friday morning. On meet days, students spend the bus ride reviewing the topics for the meet. Each student takes three of 4 12-minute tests, in Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra and Advanced Math. Five students then collaborate on a “team test.” For this meet, those students were Gabe Atkins, Jake Twarog, Delaney Brunvand, Karolina Sienko, and Sunny Premsankar.”

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CVU Men’s Basketball Plans for Return to Finals

Mr. Garrett Dunn

Now underway with their 2018-2019 season, the CVU Men’s Basketball team has just four seniors: Joe Warren, and returning captains Paul Keen, Spencer Dooley, and  Will Burroughs. Lead by Head Coach Michael Osborne, the previous Division I finalist team plans on making a return to the championship once more.

While talking with his team before their preseason game against Lamoille Valley, Coach Osborne reminded them that he plans for this team to accomplish great things. “I have big expectations this year for you guys. You’ll all do great things but we gotta work for it, so let’s set the tone tonight for the rest of the season.”

Image from the CVU team Facebook page

Image from the CVU team Facebook page

Like Osborne, many other people want to see the boys’ team succeed this year. Basketball’s biggest fan and CVU senior, Jacob Mintz-Roberts, is very excited to see his friends play on the court, and lead their school to yet another outstanding season. Mintz-Roberts thinks that their competition is on the rise. He hopes fans will come out to cheer on CVU against tough teams, including Rutland, last year’s State Champion, and BHS.

Mintz-Roberts has a lot of faith in some key players this season, like Nikos Carroll. Mintz-Roberts believes that Carroll is going to play a huge role on the team on the court with his everlasting hustle and danger behind the three point line.

CVU senior, basketball team captain, Varsity  Volleyball starter, certified referee,  older brother, and role model Will Burroughs gave us some insight on his thoughts for this year. He described his excitement to see the new and returning talents of Carroll, Ethan Harvey, and Graham Walker, all scoring and getting play time.

Fans are expected to fill the gym this season. Let’s see if this group of boys can bring one home for CVU this year. Best of luck to the boys!


Republican Majority in Politics Harms Renewable Energy Markets

Mr. Isaac Cleveland

Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 7.57.48 AM

What does a Republican majority mean for our energy industry? There is going to be a whole lot of fracking, coal mining, oil burning, and especially a lot of deliberate ignorance. Also, let’s not forget that it will most likely screw businesses in the renewable energy markets. Surprisingly, even as a documented liberal state, Vermont is still feeling the whiplash of the GOP’s absurd power. With both Republican President Donald Trump and Republican Governor Phil Scott heading our national and statewide issues, the big wind companies in Vermont have come to a crossroads and their options aren’t looking good.

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