Kids flip out on new trend: water bottle tossing

Mr. George Lomas

Yet another trend has spread across the country thanks to a high school student named Michael Senator, AKA The Water Bottle Flipping Kid. Water bottle flipping was first started when Senator was involved in his school’s talent show. Usually in a talent show people sing, dance, or perform some other impressive art or talent. Senator decided to do something a little different. His act began with an empty stage except for a single, small table sitting front and center on the stage. Senator came out from the side of the stage walking in a funky ice skating manner with the water bottle in his right hand. He had intense music in the background building throughout his performance. Senator was able to time it so that when he flipped the bottle, the landing of it was at the exact same time as the “drop” of the music. Of course, Senator nailed the landing and everybody in the crowd went absolutely insane. The cameraman starts uncontrollably flailing the camera everywhere, but you can still just make out Senator casually walking off the stage as if nothing had ever happened.


Image courtesy of Vox


Water bottle flipping is an incredible art. The fact that such a simple trick can make a crowd go absolutely berserk and give the person doing it such an incredible feeling of accomplishment shows just how amazing bottle flipping really is.

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IT snaps out of it, unblocks popular app

Mr. Kyle Gorman

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Over the past two decades there have been numerous fads, in the world of fashion, in the world of sports, and most substantially, the world of technology. One trend that is seemingly here to stay is Snapchat.

Snapchat is a messaging software, that requires one to take a picture of themselves or something else, and put text on it. That is just the very basis of the app, Snapchat now has magazines within the app that users can flip, through and 3D filters that can be pasted on to you and even your friends faces.

Snapchat has become a staple in the technology world thus far, especially with the youth. Even in school this app seems to take priority in the minds of students of Champlain Valley Union High School.

As I myself, am an avid “snapper” and student at CVUHS, I wanted to investigate the hard facts behind snapchat use. I sat down with 50 of my peers, with at least ten members of each class and asked them questions about their use of the app, their results may come as a shock to some of the older crowd, but I’m sure millennials will understand.

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