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Into the Lives of The CVU Maintenance Staff

Aidan Militello

We all see them around the school, cleaning the bathrooms, driving the floor cleaner, riding on golf carts. But who are the people that do these jobs at CVU?

I interviewed Tom Mongeon, a master electrician, and Director of Maintenance for CVU. We talked about what kind of work the maintenance staff does, as well as what the lives of the crew look like outside of CVU.

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In November of 2011, Tom was working on the CVU campus servicing HVAC equipment (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) when the previous maintenance director said that CVU was looking for a master electrician. After looking into the job offer further, he decided to take it. 

Over the years he eventually became the director of maintenance. Now he manages the inside maintenance staff as well as the outside grounds crew. Tom also does hands-on repairs and maintenance for the building, project management during the summer, and he manages the maintenance budget.

Something that was surprising to learn was that a majority of the CVU maintenance crew live in Hinesburg and are actually former CVU students that have graduated and returned to the school to work. 

What does life outside of CVU look like for Tom? He mostly enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, as well as fixing up cars in his spare time.

In conclusion, the custodial staff at CVU are an integral part of the school community. These individuals often work behind the scenes and go unnoticed, but their contributions to the cleanliness and maintenance of the school should not be underestimated.

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