New Pub in Town

Newly opened, Bucky’s Pub offers a variety of favorite food options, a comfortable space, and an alternative to the “the usual” in Hinesburg.

After 3:15, CVU students usually flock to local establishments to get a quick bite to eat before games or practice or rehearsal, taking the sidewalk to Jiffy, making the drive a block further to Paisley Hippo or grabbing an iced coffee at the Parkside. 

Bucky’s Pub, located behind Jiffy Mart at Ballards’ Corner Road,  is open Monday through Saturday, 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm, and Sundays,  2:00 pm- 6:00. pm 


Bucky’s Pub, once named Travia’s was on sale for many years before Tony and Ruchel St. Hilaire purchased the establishment  May 10th, 2019 and officially opened the last week of July, 2019.

The St. Hilaires are Hinesburg residents, who are excited to get to know their community better with good food and a social space to hang out and watch a game or grab a bite to eat between activities. “We heard that Travia’s was for sale and thought it was a great opportunity to transform the space into a welcoming pub for the community,” says Ruchel St. Hilaire, “Both Tony and I enjoy the social atmosphere that can be found in local pubs. It’s nice to see people chatting and interacting, and we wanted to give Hinesburg another option for that to occur, “ 

The St Hilaires understand the needs of their community and know people are more apt to go out together if it is affordable and a good meal at the same time.  “ We first remodeled the bar, dining area, kitchen and bathrooms and opened the restaurant at the end of July. There is also space downstairs that we have future plans for but need to update our sprinkler system before that is open,”  explains St. Hillaire.

Since Bucky’s opened it has become the talk of the town and a hot spot on Friday nights.

Gary Fournier, a common visitor, says,  “ It’s turning out to be a great place for locals to get together and catch up with each other.” 

Bucky’s is turning into the place that the St. Hilaire’s hoped it would be and is still continuing to grow. “I hope we can maintain a place where people can gather for food, conversation and beverages at a reasonable price,” explains St. Hilaire.

St. Hilaire says the ways people are socializing is changing because of technology, but food can draw people together. “ It seems too easy with technology these days to disconnect from interacting with people, I love that Bucky’s is a place where anybody can come and hang out,” she says. 

Bucky’s also gives to the community through money raised by pull tickets.  “We currently help the Hinesburg Fire Association by running pull tickets at the bar. Each box earns roughly $500 for the fire department, so that really makes us happy to be able to give back to the community a bit,” says St. Hilaire. 

CVU students and families can find community at Bucky’s Pub with the “welcoming atmosphere and low prices for students on a budget,” says Shelby Hallock, a CVU student, who recently visited Buckys for the first time for a quick bite with friends and was very happy with the service she received.