CVU Swimmers: Big Fish in a little pool

Ms. Grace Washburn

Many CVU students are being awarded sports scholarships and have been recruited by big schools, although most of their friends, teachers, and fellow students haven’t even seen them compete!

Ella Miller (pictured), a CVU senior and strong backstroke swimmer at The EDGE, has excelled in her swimming career. After being recruited and committing to Auburn University in June 2018, Miller has a future set in swimming. “Honestly, I swim because I love it. I’ve been swimming for almost 10 years and my love for [swimming] hasn’t changed.” It’s clear enough to see her love for the sport and not hard at all to see why someone like Miller would stick with it.

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On March 19, 2019, Miller went down to Orlando, Florida to compete in the National Club Swimming Association event (NCSA). She placed 75th out of 197 competitors in the Women’s 200 Yard Backstroke.

 According to swimming teammate, Riley Machanic, Miller not only supports her team through her swimming abilities but through her leadership skills as well. “She’s really great with the [little kids], she always helps out, and she’s like a role model for the whole team,” Machanic said.

 Miller’s dedication to the team is well seen by her teammates as well as her coach. “Ella would often stay after her two hour practices in the morning and help out with the lessons for the younger kids for an additional two or three hours,” Nicola Anderson, Ella’s coach of 4 years, said, accentuating that Miller goes above and beyond for her teammates, pushing her love of swimming onto her team and the younger swimmers as well.

 Teddi Simons, another CVU senior, has been swimming for The EDGE in Williston for the past 12 years. “[Swimming] is a great way to stay in shape and is a great team bonding experience. I’ve grown super close with the people I swim with over the years,” Simons said. Swimming over six times a week, Simons knows how hard it can be sometimes to balance swimming, homework, and sleep, as do many other swimmers. However, she acknowledges many of the physical benefits swimming offers that helps make it a great workout or relaxing activity, whether it’s competitive or for fun.

 As a senior, Simons has made plans to attend UVM and has been invited to join their swim team. She shared how much she is looking forward to continuing her swimming career and still being close to home.

Miller can attest to the physical benefits of the sport as well. Swimming seven days a week and lifting to support her swimming ability at least twice a week, she spends a lot of time in the pool, always preparing for the next big swim meet, and her work has really paid off. According to the Swimming World Magazine and Miller herself, she placed 1st in the 15-18 New England Age Group in the 100 and the 200 backstroke, and in 2017 USA Swimming Scholastic All American list added on Miller’s name.

Auburn University, ranked 11th for swimming in the country, competes in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I lead by head coach Gary Taylor. The Tigers are members of the Southeastern Conference, one that Miller says she is proud to join in the fall.

BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation, shared an interview with a woman, Maria Davey, who suffered from anxiety as a result of 3 heart surgeries she had before the age of 5. They also note the many mental health benefits as well, such as helping to alleviate depression, anxiety, and stress. Davey used swimming for physical therapy after her heart surgeries as well as mental therapy as she had suffered from depression and anxiety.

“I feel so alive when I’m in the water and all of my worries seem to melt away. Afterwards, I feel ready to face the world and feel as though I’ve achieved something,” Davey said in an interview with BBC. “Swimming allows me to take time for myself and has done wonders for my health – both mentally and physically,” Davey added.








  • Coach of Edge swimming
  • Male swimmers? –



How long have you been coaching for? Have you coached at other school before?


How has your season been going this year so far?


What do you think are your team’s strong suits?


What do you believe the team needs to work on?


How do you see your team changing with the first-years coming in for the 2019-20 year?


How do you think swimming has impacted the mental health of your athletes?


The physical health?


How often does your team swim a week?


Any additional workouts required? (Lifting, weight training, etc)


Any advice for high-school level swimmers?



Any big swim events coming up

NCSAs – Orlando


How often do you swim a week?

7-8x and lifting twice


How long have you been swimming for?

Since 8 years old


Do your plans for the future include swimming?



Where do you usually swim?

Backstroke and sometimes freestyle at the edge


Why do you swim?

Bc she loves it




Any big swim events coming up

Silvers, AGE-groups


How often do you swim a week?



How long have you been swimming for?

12 years


Do your plans for the future include swimming?

Yes – swimming in college


Where do you usually swim?

Edge swim club in williston  


Why do you swim?

Keeps her in shape, good team sport and fun


How many CVU kids swim?






Any big swim events coming up


How often do you swim a week?


How long have you been swimming for?


Do your plans for the future include swimming?


Where do you usually swim?


Why do you swim?


How many CVU kids swim?


How do you feel when you swim





How long have you been coaching Ella for?


How have you seen Ella’s skills improve?


What are some attributes that Ella brings to the group?


How has Ella been a leader for the younger kids on the team?


What are you most proud of Ella for with her time as your student?


If you could pass along one piece of advice with Ella when she heads off to her college swim team what would it be?





How long have you swam with Ella for?


What’s your favorite thing about having Ella on your team?


Do you see Ella as a leader for yourself and/or for the younger swimmers?


If you could pass along one piece of advice with Ella when she heads off to her college swim team what would it be?