The Kevin Reill Memorial Basketball Tournament: A Reill Good Time

Mr. Caleb Martin

The annual Kevin Reill Memorial Basketball Tournament was held this year on Friday, December 14th at CVU, with teams from across the state participating in the tournament to help them jump into their season with strong competition.

Teams from CVU, Burr and Burton Academy, North Country Union High School, and Lyndon Institute vied to take home a win. Four games were played for both the girls’ and the boys’ teams. CVU won both of the tournaments over Burr and Burton in the finals.

Beloved Athletic Director, Kevin Reill

The Kevin Reill Memorial Basketball Tournament is more than a way for teams to prepare for the season. It is about commemorating Reill and the work that he did for CVU and youth sports statewide. Reill was the Athletics Director at CVU for 28 years before passing away in 2014.

The tournament is a way to remember Reill and what he stood for as a person. Dan Shepardson, a longtime friend and colleague, states that “Kevin was an advocate for co-curricular, and in charge of increasing the quality of them.” Reill is remembered for his dedication to the needs of kids. He also strongly supported all students to be involved in co-curriculars at all levels from varsity to intramural.

Along with Kevin’s advocacy towards co-curricular, according to Rahn Fleming, “Kevin was first, last, and always about the students. He was available to anyone and proactive in his kindness.” The tournament is used as a fundraiser for the scholarship fund given to students, one male and one female, as a reward for being very active in co-curriculars.

Unfortunately, this year was the last year of the Kevin Reill tournament due to scheduling conflicts that have been seen in future years. Although the tournament will not be taking place, there are other ways for the CVU community to remember and commemorate Reill, such as the annual Kevin Reill Mini Golf Tournament, celebrated at CVU every April as the weather starts to warm for golf season. The putting competition first took place in 2015 as faculty from around the building create holes, while both students and faculty pay for a scorecard, and the proceeds go to the Kevin Reill scholarship.

The CVU community continues to support the Kevin Reill scholarship and remember his impact as an integral part of the school, and someone who gave so much of himself to our community.