Video Feature: Library Upgrades

Mr. Cole Otley

For the Library, Change is Constant and Connections are Consistent

The CVU library is a place students come to study, socialize, and collaborate with one another. “[It] is a place where people can connect,” said Peter Langella, a CVU librarian. “Students can connect with the school, with other classmates, and with themselves.” Though it may not seem like it at first to many, there is a lot more that goes into keeping the library such a great place. The CVU library is constantly adapting in order to fulfill the needs of the entire student body.

Over the past couple of years, the changes to the library have been noticeable. Whether it be the new rooms in the back or the new tables in the front, the library continues to keep people guessing with refreshing new layouts. “The changing environment of the library makes the learning environment better,” Langella says. “I’ve read some studies that claim people’s brains function better in different environments, and it’s different for every person.”

The library most certainly offers different spaces for people to learn, and students can take their pick on where they will be most productive. “The library gives students a place to collaborate,” says student body president Bennett Cheer. “That’s why I keep coming back.” There are a lot of qualities about the library that make it the preferred study area for a lot of students. “It’s quiet, calm, clean, and a good place to come get work done,” said CVU student Nikos Carroll. Nikos is among the hundreds of students that come into the library every day of the school week in order to do homework, study, and collaborate in a place that satisfies each need.

The notable changes thus far in the year have consisted of the new tables in the front of the library, the study rooms in the back, and the stationary bike desks along the south wall. “There are studies that suggest every person has a specific environment that they work best in,” added Langella. “What we try to do is provide as many of those spaces as we can.” Many studies have related learning environments to students’ learning abilities. According to a study cited in an article by Learning Liftoff, math students who learn in a good environment learn around a month and a half more content than students learning in poor environments. It goes to show how much the CVU library is trying to do for the student body, and how aware the staff is of how to do so.

Recently, however, the library suffered a setback as the lingering problem of trash has piled up. In a post by the CVU Library’s Instagram page (@cvu_library), the photos depict a pile of trash left by students, found on a library table on October 17th. Following the discovery of the mess, Langella sent an email to the entire student body stating that “no meals can be eaten in the library.” Food in the library has gone back and forth in the past few years, and it was only until this year that meals were allowed in the library. The reason that they weren’t allowed in the past has now been realized as the mess forced the staff to completely close off a table due to the extremity of the garbage left behind.

According to the library staff, students will still be able to bring small snacks into the library, but full meals will have to stay in the cafeteria. These rules were enforced on October 22. So students who care to take advantage of the new library spaces will have to eat their meals first.