Red Sox Win: is it a Home Run at CVU?

Mr. Samuel Knox

 HINESBURG, VT— On Sunday, October, 28, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series with a 5-1 blowout match against the Los Angeles Dodgers. This is the team’s first win since 2013. While some of the students at Champlain Valley Union High School— located 220 miles from Boston— are thrilled with the outcome, others are quite upset and some couldn’t care less. Nevertheless, this World Series win is a big deal at CVU.

Ian Parent, a senior at CVU and a player on the varsity baseball team, said enthusiastically, “I am a huge Red Sox fan! I’m just so excited for the city of Boston because let’s be honest, we don’t win enough.” He elaborated by talking about some of his favorite players on the team, “Alex Cora is the greatest manager of all time, especially as a rookie and David Price came in clutch.” In the series, David Price, 33, only allowed 3 runs in the entire series and pitched 3 of the 5 games. It was truly a spectacular series for Price who, in terms of sports, is quite old.

File:Red Sox Victory Parade (10630604755).png

The Red Sox Victory Parade, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Another life-long Red Sox fan, Brendan Tivnan, stated, “My parents grew up in the Boston area and therefore have been fans their whole lives, so have I. I love watching [the Red Sox] and all of its players. They are a great young team with a lot of great young players. Also, I am glad that they beat the Astros and the Yankees because I hate both of those teams!”


This mentality of “Go Red Sox! Boo Yankees!” is very common among baseball players. Historically, the Yankees have been the dominant team not only when compared to the Red Sox, but when compared to the entire league. In total, the Yankees have won 27 World Series since they were founded in 1903. On the contrary, the Red Sox have only won 9 World Series since being founded in 1901. This vast difference in championship wins upsets most, especially those at CVU.

However, not all students at CVU are happy with the win. Aidan Johnson, a senior and avid Yankees fan, claims he has disliked the Red Sox ever since he has been a kid. “Because my dad has been a Yankees fan my whole life, so have I, and disliking the Red Sox goes hand in hand with being a Yankee.” He added, “I am not super mad that the Red Sox won, but it would have been nice to see a different team win.

Boston gets all the glory with the Patriots and all.” Within a community so close to Boston, it’s inevitable that a vast majority of the students will be Boston sports fans. However, this leaves many students such as Johnson constantly defending their team against the masses of life long Patriots and Red Sox fans. While there is this large discrepancy between Boston and New York fans (as well as other teams), the one thing that truly holds all students together is their love of sports.

 There are also many students who don’t care at all about the World Series or baseball in general. CVU lacrosse player Nate Cutitta claims, “Baseball is just so slow and boring. If I had to pick a team, I would pick the Red Sox, but I really do not care about the sport. Each game takes forever, and there is so much waiting. I did not watch the World Series and I don’t plan on watching it in the future.”

This is a common trend that has been racing around America within the last decade. A survey done by PhitAmerica showed that lacrosse is one of the fastest sports in America due to its fast paced play, which could be the reason that many students are making the switch at a young age from baseball to lacrosse.

 Overall, It is clear that within the CVU community there are students who love the Red Sox, students who hate them, and students who flatout do not care. Nonetheless, the World Series win for the Boston Red Sox has stirred up a lot of emotions among students, no matter where you stand on the issue. In conclusion, any win close to home is a win for CVU, whether you are a die-hard Yankees fan, a lifelong Red Sox fanatic, or a good ol’ lacrosse player.