Planning For The Future: What to Look For When Searching For The Right College

Ms. Charlotte Willis

With seniors gearing up to graduate and juniors starting their college search, many teens are left wondering what they should be looking for when trying to find the right college for them. While searching for colleges can be hard, there are some things to consider about a school to make the picking process easier.

One of the Chittenden Guidance Counselors, Sarah O’Hara- Hughes, says a few things to think about are the size and location of schools. Where a college is located is one of the most important things that a person should take into account. Another important trait of a college is majors. If you know what you want to major in, you have to make sure that the college you choose offers it.

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A sample Naviance “scattergram”

Hughes commented on what she thinks is important in finding the right school. “The size I think is important too. Are they looking for small, medium, large? And this can all be done in a college search, particularly the one [CVU] uses is Naviance.”

Natalie Senior, a senior at CVU, gave some insight on what she is looking for in a school, and why. “ I am looking for a college that has a good sense of community, with small classes, and lots of options and assistance in courses and careers. I also wanted a college with a big list of clubs and organizations. I also wanted a great opportunity for internships. I think there are many many aspects to take into consideration when looking for a college, but I think many people forget how important the campus itself is. You are going to be living somewhere for four years, and if you don’t like the campus you might not be as happy as you could be somewhere else.”

 Another good thing to be aware of when preparing to apply to college is what schools will take into account when looking at applications.

“They are taking into account of course your transcript, so looking at your grade point average, looking at within your transcript, what courses have you taken? Have you challenged yourself? If schools are requiring tests, then they’ll look at the SAT as one of the many criteria to narrow down the selection of students. The essay is another piece that is looked at and then letters of recommendation.”

A few things colleges really like to see are extracurriculars and activities outside of school. “They are considering activities outside of school, so any kind of activities, clubs and employment. Those are all factors when they are looking at you as a whole person.”

Committing to a school can be hard. You will be spending a good amount of time there, so choosing carefully is very important. Even though there is a lot of pressure to choose the right school, the more organized you are about the kind of school you want, the easier it will be to find the best one for you.

Source: collegevine