Good Morning, Sunshine! Nordic Morning Workouts with Coach King

Ms. Talia Loiter

Morning Workouts with Coach King

Every Monday morning in the CVU fitness center, King Miln can be found leading a group of students in a strength workout. He decided along with fellow Nordic Ski coach, Sarah Strack, to make use of the extra hour on late start days at CVU for strength training.

 One skier, Celia Cote, 15, from Williston, says she wants to improve her core and upper body strength since “those are important for skiing and I don’t always work on that during [the off season].” Another skier, Geneva Cote, agrees that she needs more upper body and core strength because she “doesn’t really work on them on [her] own” and they are “really important for Nordic.” Miln says that 50% of the skate ski motion is upper body because you need your arms to push just as much as you need legs.

Miln says that the workout is tailored specifically for Nordic Skiers. “[These workouts] build less injuries, more endurance, and more speed for the ski season.” He says that the coaches work together to pull different types of exercises from NENSA, the New England Nordic Ski Association, and the US Ski Team, to create a circuit of moves that help skiers build muscles that are most important for the sport. “We’re trying to do more upper body, because that’s where [the team] is weakest in, guys and girls.”

Kate Zoller, 16,  a CVU skier on the team, says that the workouts are a big part in getting ready for the season. “Definitely coming back after not [working out] for a while, you get sore.” Miln explains that ski motions are different from most other sports so when athletes start to train again, muscle groups that haven’t been used all summer get sore more easily.

Miln says that even though it’s hard, it’s important to work with heavier weights to prepare for the season. Nordic requires athletes to have strength in specific muscle groups, as performance depends on the body’s ability to be it’s best when individual muscles are tested in off balance situations. “Balance is also an important part of the sport because skiers are standing on one leg most of the time.”

Min explains that the Nordic coaches choose exercises that are the same across all sports because, in order to meet the VPA (Vermont Principals Association) requirements, there can’t be any official ski team practices until after Thanksgiving break. The VPA says it sets these rules to make sure all athletes have an equal chance of success. Miln asserts that “[The workouts] are advertised for everyone. We have to do that.” He isn’t allowed to run workouts just for the ski team otherwise it would be classified as an official team practice, breaking VPA rules.

Miln says that he appreciates how the crowds are getting bigger and, team member, Zoller, agrees that people should come because throughout the day “you feel happier and have more energy.” Coming to these workouts, she says, “is a great start to your day.”

The official Nordic season started Monday, November 26. Morning workouts will continue throughout the season until it ends in February. For returning CVU students, King’s morning strength will start back up again in fall of 2019!