The Community of Flynn Show Choir

Ms. Elyse Martin-Smith

Flynn Show Choir creates the perfect trifecta of singing, dancing, and acting for grades 4-12. On May 17-18th, the Flynn Show Choir had their performances in the FlynnSpace for the spring semester. These shows always sell out in the first few days that the tickets are available. One thing that is even more stunning than the talented performers is the sense of community that Show Choir creates, which is continuing to grow.

Flynn Show Choir consists of four groups; Juniors, Treble Teens, Mixed Teens, and Selects. Each group gets more difficult and advanced as you go on so that each skill level gets the most out of their time, just challenged enough so they can improve. This makes it so each group is unique in its own ways. To participate, you audition in the fall or the spring and are placed in one of these groups.

Each show is special. However, this is the first time that I had seen the show instead of performing in it, but both positions are truly enjoyable. The main purpose of show choir is to improve your theatrical, singing, and dancing skills. These skills are shown in the shows as each group performs multiple songs from various movies, musicals, and pop culture. This is the way that they showcase their learning from the Saturday rehearsals that they have leading up to the performances. There are four performances per semester. During the eight o’clock performances in the spring semester, all of the graduating seniors get to perform a solo song of their choice on both nights. It is really fun to watch these because the singers’ expertise inspires and motivates many of the younger participants to strive to get to that level. Additionally, it is a nice way to showcase your skills in a community of others who enjoy theater one last time before graduation. This supports the idea of community by bringing more enthusiastic people into the crowd, and it brings a lot of energy and love towards the seniors from the other kids as well as the audience.
The education team there try to make everyone feel welcome. In the dance studios, there is a message that says “everybody belongs.” The choreographers and directors work hard to make sure that everyone feels accepted in the environment that they are in. This is why this program is exceptional, not just because of the performance, but the inclusive mentality that they display. In the programs handed out for the shows, there were little anecdotes that explained why they picked each song, showing that they put a lot of thought into their choices.
The aspect of community is a big takeaway for many. Emily Luce, former director of Show Choir said on the final performance how community and the caring culture at Show Choir is a major thing she hopes to always take with her in her future endeavors. Sadly, she is leaving, but what was heartwarming was all the support and celebration for her contribution to the Flynn.
Community is key in Show Choir no matter your age, experience, or group. First timer Taryn Martin-Smith shared her thoughts about friendship at Show Choir. “I have made new friends at Show Choir… and I learned new dance moves. ” Overall, she enjoyed her first year. Another person who recognized the community there was Greta Powers, a participant for twelve consecutive semesters and a freshman at CVU. “I’ve met a lot of friends through Show Choir,” Greta commented. She talked a lot about how she has continued to enjoy the program because of both its educational and friendship values. When I was in show choir for three years (not every semester), I also thought it was a great place to improve my abilities, but the main thing that stuck out to me was the social aspect. I have made many friends there that I would never have gotten the chance to meet but now, we are very close friends. In conclusion, Show Choir has received positive feedback because of its educational and social experience and expertise.

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