Opinion: Two Students React to Gun Violence in Schools

 Mr. Zachary Hark

To sum up how I feel about all of the gun violence in America, I am here to say this: I believe that life comes first, and guns come second. There. I said it. I believe that we, the citizens of America, need to produce stricter gun laws, and, more importantly, outlaw semi automatic guns like the AR-15. The AR-15 is one of the most popular semi automatic guns around today.

Many people say, “oh it’s not the gun that does the shooting, it’s the human,” and yes, I agree with that, partially. However, when the second amendment was written, there were no semi-automatic weapons around, which made it much harder for mass shootings to occur.

I believe that Edward Stack took a very good approach to solving the issue. Edward Stack is the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods and his corporation recently took a huge stand on gun sales. The store is no longer selling high capacity magazines and is also not selling guns to consumers under the age of 21.

I applaud every student activist in Florida who is taking a stand. Young people are finally having their voices heard on huge platforms such as CNN, NBC and many more. Political representatives are finally hearing us out and even though we may be young, we have lots of valid points and ideas to make.

In the end, it doesn’t come down to which party you’re in or stand with. Instead, it’s an overall goal. The more lives we save now, the better. I do believe that someone in power will take a stand and will do something about this epidemic. It’s not if, but when.


 Ms. Mya Rendall

Students Across America Demand Action Towards Gun Violence

As a child, I was taught that going to school would provide me with an education and that there I would learn about many interesting topics. That’s what almost all children are told; however, we aren’t told that one day we may never come home.

In light of the recent school shooting that took place at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people were killed, students across America are protesting for a change.


The Second Amendment has been a controversial topic ever since it was created in 1791. It protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. At the time the amendment was established, it took a while to reload a rifle after shooting one bullet. Now it takes seconds to shoot a round off of an assault rifle. Guns have changed since the Second Amendment was established. Why shouldn’t the law?

According to The Trace, “More than 135,000 students in the U.S have lived through school shootings since Columbine.” The Parkland shooting was the deadliest shooting since Sandy Hook. In all three of these schools, the students and faculty said they never thought it could happen to them.

When the Port Arthur shooting happened in Australia, the government collaborated and agreed on much more restricted gun laws that have eliminated mass shootings in Australia completely.

US voters who are against these more constricted gun laws are fearful that their guns will be taken away from them; however, an AR-15 is not needed to hunt or protect oneself. Only the military and police officers should have assault rifles.

When asked about feeling safe at school, CVU senior, Tori Bergstein said, “I don’t know, because we think we’re safe, but so many people who think that are the ones that something bad happens to.”

Champlain Valley Union High School is the largest high school in Vermont and is located in Hinesburg, a smaller town than others. Many students don’t ever think that something so terrible could happen to our school; yet, that’s exactly what many of the victims of school shootings say.

After the Parkland shooting, students from Parkland and all over the country have come together and protested for a change in gun laws, school safety, and mental health awareness.

Claire Montgomery, a CVU junior, shared her thoughts on the problem. “I feel like it goes hand in hand. The fact that mentally ill people have a easy time obtaining a gun is the problem. There should be safer and more thorough background checks on everyone, not just mentally ill people.”

I want to be able to go to school to learn about my interests and laugh with my friends. I don’t want to go to school hoping that I’ll come home that day. A school is a place where people are supposed to feel safe and welcome. So, when our safety is in jeopardy at school, it becomes a problem for the whole country.