Track & Field Program Sees Changes, Still Charges Ahead

Ms. Joyce Ke, CVC Correspondent

With Spring just starting, CVU is getting ready for another year of Track and Field. There are many new changes coming our way. The CVU Track and Field program has officially changed and added to the season this year with new head coaches, event captains, and rules. Another topic of interest is the weather that we have been experiencing this year. The snow that we got this past winter left the Track covered late into April, which causes the team to have to practice inside the gym. The good news is that the track was plowed early and is almost always available but. The field, however, took much longer to dry out.

This year the Track and Field coaches have announced that Scott Bliss, who is the distance and high jump coach and former head coach, has stepped down. Scott is also the coach for Cross Country which takes place in the Fall. In his place is Jessica LaPlante and King Milne are acting co-head coaches this season. Along with being a co-head coach, LaPlante is also the throwing coach and the Jv Field Hockey Coach in the Fall, and Milne is also the hurdles coach and the Nordic coach which takes place in the Winter. 

The coaches have also decided for this season to have event captains which are students athletes that will either be picked by the coaches or elected by peers to act as a captain for each specialty. There will be multiple captains per a specialty and their job is to cheer on the other athletes during meets and lead the athletes during practices. The captains are also responsible to go to a Wednesday meeting in the mornings which is lead by Anthony Spagnola, who is the Nichols health teacher. The event captains were made in hopes to create a bigger and stronger team spirit throughout the season. 

With each season, there are always some changes that are about to happen in order to improve the team. This year one of the new rules are that students are required to ride the bus to and back from a meet so that there is always a huge group of kids cheering on each other. This means that students can’t get a ride home with their parents or a friend after they have done all of their events.

This rule was created because of the lack of support some athletes had when their events ran late and everybody else had already left. There is also a new attendance routine which has athletes check in with their specialty coaches for attendance in order to make the process more efficient and organized. Some of the other rules are that athletes need to be at practice the day before a meet in order to participate at the meets and if they don’t go to the meet then they won’t be able to participate in the next meet.