School Resource Officer Anthony Cambridge Builds Bridges

Mr. Logan Jipner

HINESBURG, VT – Word of a new police presence at CVU has been floating around the school community, lately. People are seeing police more often at school and are curious as to why Anthony Cambridge, CVU’s Student Resource Officer, has been making more regular appearances on school grounds lately.

Officer Cambridge stated, “I’ve actually been there more in the past year compared to the  previous years. I’ve been there more than I’d like to be.”

Cambridge comes to CVU for a variety of reasons. “It’s always something different. Sometimes it’s something stolen, an accident at or near CVU, weapons or drugs or cigarettes (violations of school policy).” In addition he says, “I go to CVU to talk about things that are going on to prevent incidents from occurring.” Cambridge comes to school when he is called to deal with policy violations, but in his current position, he also works alongside students, faculty and the school board on initiatives and training that are meant to be preventative safety measures.


Anthony Cambridge tests out a new infrared digital thermometer. Photo courtesy of the Citizen.

At first, Officer Cambridge says he didn’t want to be the SRO for CVU. “…my relationship with the school used to be bad, but I should be familiar with the school.” Cambridge expresses that when cops are only seen as punishers, it makes it difficult to build relationships. However, when students learn to appreciate police for all they do to create a safe community, positive relationships between students and local police can become the norm.  

Cambridge shares how his own view of police changed after his time as a teacher. “I really didn’t like the SRO in my high school [when I was a student]. It wasn’t until I started teaching [that I learned to appreciate their role in our school community], and that’s when I got to know the police officer in my school”. Cambridge knows it takes time to build relationships to change the negative image of police.

Cambridge also says he learned a lot from the SRO in his own high school. “Not doing what my old SRO did has made me a better police officer.” Building relationships, spending time getting to know students is beneficial to students and the local police in our community, as we learn to work together.

After many years of being an officer in Hinesburg, Cambridge’s attitude towards policing has changed. What he enjoys most about being a police officer is “The freedom to make what I want to make out of my day. Most jobs you are stuck in one place, but I’m not stuck at the school or one place.” Cambridge made a point that there are many pros and cons with this job. “Again, the freedom to make what you want out of your day is a pro. A con is scheduling: working holidays, nights, and weekends. Never knowing how late I may stay.”

Cambridge enjoys his time with family and friends, and police work doesn’t always provide a 9-5 experience.

“The school has come a long way under Adam Bunting. He is well respected by the school, town and police department,” says Cambridge. Respect goes both ways. Many at CVU feel a debt of gratitude to not only Officer Cambridge, but the entire Hinesburg Police Department for your service in the community.