Club Stalwarts: FBLA Manages Statewide Presence

Mr. Ethan Duncan

Future Business Leaders of America, or FBLA, is a “career and technical student organization, with a focus on business education,” according to Vermont FBLA Treasurer and CVU FBLA President Preston Webb. “What we try to do at CVU is enhance everybody’s business skills through a number of activities… it’s this cool relationship between community service, leadership activities, and collaborative activities.”

Noah Lemieux, Vermont FBLA Vice President and CVU FBLA member, added“If you are at all interested in going into business, or even just having a job, FBLA is a great thing to be a part of.”


“As a local officer, being president of CVU FBLA, I help facilitate our meetings, create agendas, try to make it entertaining and try to get stuff done. We’ll do stuff like business trivia and different games as well,” says Webb.

FBLA Final

Image thanks to the Fantastic Ms. (Carol) Fox

Webb is the president of CVU’s chapter, but several other officer positions are available besides president. Local officers help the chapter run its services in and out of school. These positions include vice president, secretary, treasurer, parliamentarian, and more. Members of FBLA are allowed to run for local office and help their local chapter, but also have a chance to participate at the state level through elections at the Vermont State FBLA conferences. Noah Lemieux was elected the 2018 Northern Vice President of Vermont’s FBLA chapter.

“Everyone [in FBLA] is really accepting, which is really cool. Everybody has different interests. FBLA has also provided me with the ability to lead groups and participate in events that I might not otherwise be able to,” says Lemieux.

On his plans as VP, Lemieux states: “I plan to do some fundraising events to get [Vermont FBLA’s] name out there, not just as FBLA members but as people and a community as a whole. I plan to try to recruit more schools, such as Essex, Burlington, South Burlington, BFA (without FBLA chapters) to get them to participate in FBLA, because FBLA is just such a great program to be a part of.”

Many of CVU FBLA’s events and fundraisers are to benefit charities such as March of Dimes, an FBLA affiliate which works with mothers and children to reduce infant mortality in the US. “We’re actually running a fundraiser next month for Chipotle to put money towards [March of Dimes],” says Webb.

FBLA is not limited to Vermont, however. High schoolers all over the United States have the opportunity to participate in local and state chapters, and can attend state and national conferences.  According to Webb, it’s about “putting yourself out there, trying something new, joining a club. We do a good job of helping kids with their applicable business skills.”

CVU FBLA meets in room 2:30 on Thursdays at 7:45 and the meetings are open to all.