CVU Cafeteria Shakes it Up

Ms. Sofia Dattillio

Hinesburg, VT— On Monday, January 22nd, CVU students saw a change in their cafeteria with the arrangements of booths, tables, and waste bins after they continuously left behind trash, food, and recycling on tables and between the walls and booths.

Prior to the new arrangement, the custodians were spending too much time picking up after students to make sure that the cafeteria was cleaned up and ready to go for the next day.

According to Marilyn Mashia, one of the CVU custodians, “People were stuffing trash and food between the walls, leaving trays on the floor, [and] just leaving a complete mess.”


Image by Sofia Datilio

This change allows for the campus supervisors, Tim Albertson, Jamie Hayes, and Seth Emerson, to spread out more within the cafeteria to ensure students are picking up after themselves.

Sophomore Isabell Lawyer said, “I do not like [the booths in the middle] at all. It was better when they were by the outlets so I could charge my phone and computer.”

Another student, Sophie Gilman, said, “It’s weird how open [the booths] are. I like them up against the wall better.”

Nick Molander, Director of Nichols House, stated that, “On occasion, [students could] pick up something from a table or near you [that’s] not your own. We all have bad or forgetful days, so let’s help each other out.”

Molander also encourages students to talk to a campus supervisor or house director if they have an idea or concern so they can help figure out a solution when students are unable to pick up after themselves.

Since the tables were moved, it is noticeable that there is less trash unaccounted for on the floor or in other higher trafficked trash areas.

Custodian Kathy Aube says, “I think it’s working out pretty [well]. Students seem to be more responsible.”

“Keep up the good work CVU!” says Molander.