CVC Video Feature: The Case of the Missing Strawberry Pop

Mr. Samuel Swavay Comai

The Redhawk Cafe is now the area of a case that has caught CVU students off guard. The Redhawk Cafe offers a wide variety of tasty snacks and treats. In the weeks proceeding Thanksgiving Break, the cafeteria lost one of its most well-liked treats. The Strawberry Shortcake Pops were not only good, but they sold like wildfire. Now the cafeteria is missing it’s most flavorful treat, and the culprit, health regulations.

The missing Strawberry Pops first came to the attention of students during the week of November 13th. As kids funneled through the cafe doors, something felt different. The usual crowd of students wasn’t by the cooler which contained the Pops. The corner of the freezer that normally held the pops was filled with a couple stacks of ice cream sandwiches.

“I was pretty taken back by the entire situation! Those pops are a great snack and treat,” comments strawberry pop enthusiast, Sam Weese.

It was a tough day for the Redhawk Cafe along with its loyal student customers. Weese was so perturbed by the situation that he made it his personal goal to get to the bottom of the case. Weese went directly to Leo Laforce, the Redhawk Cafe Manager. Weese came back with some important information that shed light on the situation.

“Leo informed me that the pops contained ingredients that did not line-up with food regulations for the school. Even though they’d sold those pops for years, the cafe staff didn’t realize that the pops were not in line with regulations,” lamented Weese.

Having closure on a case like this is less than comforting to students who enjoyed the tasty treats. Unfortunately, unless someone can find pops that match school regulations, it seems that the Redhawk Cafe will never sell this delectable treat again.

Case Closed.