Redhawk Tennis Aces Quarter Finals

Mr. Nate Shanks

Thursday June, 1 2017-The boy’s tennis team defeated 13th seeded Woodstock.  George Lomas was the first Redhawk to leave the 6-court complex after defeating his opponent 6-0 6-1.  Speaking with George after his crushing victory, “I really just went out there and played my game, stayed consistent and attacked when I saw the right ball” George is coming off a tough loss in the individual tournament which was held last weekend.

George lost to rival Trent Newman from South Burlington in the semifinals of that tournament.  With first singles complete, a majority of the matches were starting to finish up and shortly after George’s match.

3,4, and 5 singles were also victorious and secured CVU’s trip to the quarter final round of the playoffs.  Frank Babbot after the 4-straight match wins he told us what he thought, “Although they weren’t our biggest competition we’ve seen this year, they’re an upcoming team and should be a great contender in this tournament in about a year or two.” Babbot continued, “As for our boys this was a great match to practice what we’ve been doing in practice and try out some new tactics.  Although we are taking this tournament one match at a time, our ultimate goal is to be ready for first seed South Burlington, in which we would face them in the semifinal round.”

Both of CVU’s doubles teams came out with a win as well during Thursdays match. Speaking with first doubles about the match Richard Hall had a few words, “High School tennis is a game of consistency, matches can come down to whichever side made the most mistake or as we call them, unforced errors.  Ben and I went out there and played our game, we poached the net well, and the only thing we need to work on is our serves”.

CVU is arguably the second-best team in the state, but due to the amount of schools with a tennis team in the state, the playoff bracket shows that some southern schools are considered contenders in the tournament.  These southern schools don’t get to play some of the best teams in the state from Chittenden county. This  allows them to go virtually undefeated in a season because they face teams who aren’t as skilled as the northern teams.

With a very senior heavy team, the boys are hungry for a championship as CVU has fallen the past 4 years in the semifinal round of the tournament.  The final match score was CVU 7, Woodstock 0.

Red Hawks fly through Quarter Final Match

Monday June 5, 2017- The Redhawks took the court yet again after coming off a dominating win over Woodstock.  This time the hawks would face yet another southern team, Brattleboro.  After lineups were read and players shook hands, the boys took the court.  George Lomas didn’t hold back and was off the court just before the forty minute mark.  After asking George what his key to speedy match play was, he replied, “No comment”.

Once George finished, singles 3, 4, and doubles 1 finished up their matches as well.  The Redhawks quickly got their ticket to the Semi final match after allowing only 10 match games combined out of 48 possible.

David Huber, CVU’s Singles five player did not have an easy victory like his teammates did.  His match took about an hour and forty five minutes to complete which resulted in a final score of 6-4 7-5.  Here were his thoughts after the match, “I thought I played very inconsistently, I was playing to my opponents stronger side instead of his weaker side, I was going for shots I wouldn’t normally try, if I had lost the many deuce points that I had won, my opponent could have very well taken that match from me”

CVU hits the road for the first time this playoff, where they will face Rival South Burlington.  CVU has yet to take a match from SB as they lost both times they played during the regular season.  You’re always told, never say never and this next match could be the upset of the year if CVU pulls it off.  Final Match Score was CVU 7, Brattleboro 0.