Custodial Crew Keeps CVU Looking Good

Ms. Sophie Boyer

There is no doubt that CVU is a good looking school. Inside and Out. Thanks to our dedicated maintenance crew, we are always walking down clean halls, playing on perfect fields, and learning in a fresh environment. Most people don’t realize how much work is actually being done around here to maintain this 60 acre, 225,000 square foot property.

Our CVU maintenance crew is here from 6:30am -3:00pm, and our night crew is here from 3:00pm – 11:30 PM. There are both indoor and outdoor crews, both of which have different responsibilities.

During the school year the outside maintenance crew is responsible for keeping the sports fields maintained, which includes mowing, weed-whacking, painting, raking, and trash clean up.

cvu sign


According to Kurt Proulx, head of CVU maintenance, the  football field in particular takes many hours to maintain, and uses many gallons of field paint. Field hockey fields have other needs which is that the grass on theses fields need to be cut shorter than the others.  The softball and baseball fields are pretty straightforward to maintain. As well as the soccer fields.

During the winter the crew ensures that all walkways are clear of ice, and supply ice melt where it is needed.  The also plow the path from the Junior lots to the school.  They also work inside during the winter season and provide assistance with heating issues which are frequent, and other request throughout the building.

Summer cleaning is a very long process. The maintenance crew scrubs all of the floors, cleans all of the walls, and repairs anything in the building so that it’s fixed for the fall when everyone returns.

Our indoor custodians are always on the go, they are constantly trying to keep CVU a clean environment.  From washing windows, to cleaning bathrooms, sweeping, mopping, and washing the entire building, there is no doubt these people work hard.  The halls literally sparkle as you walk down them.


Image by Sophie Boyer

 Knowing our custodial/ maintenance staff spends 8-11 hours of their day here, you would think that we would be more considerate and pick up after ourselves. BUT we aren’t. There are continuous problems in specific areas of the building which include, in front of the mini gym on the second level of the school, and in front of the direction center. This is where trash and cafe utensils are being left all over the halls, waiting for the staff to clean up.

Proulx says the crew’s overall goal is to “keep the staff organized and running smoothly, maintaining my budget across the entire building with repairs and upgrades.”

Again,  these amazing people are working to maintain approximately 60 acres. The building size, not including the Annex is 220,000 square feet, add 5000 square feet for the Annex… Lots of space.. Keep in mind how hard they work the next time you sit down and eat your lunch, and for once consider taking  care of your trash.