Seniors Cap off Their Careers

Mssrs. Cameron Longchamp & Brennen Whitcomb

Now graduation brings tons of different emotions to the table but one thing to keep your mind at ease is decorating your cap. Seniors around the school have decorated their caps with an inspirational quote or something funny that reflects on the students… this is what we found.

Jack Lyman is participating by decorating his cap with UVM stickers to show how much he likes the UVM Catamounts.   

Sophie Boyer has a long lasting love with the autobots and is only fitting when she says she wants to make her cap have an autobot symbol and the redhawks logo with the phrase roll out on it  

Cameron Howe, a gamer at heart and all around a good friend, decorated his cap as a Dungeons and Dragons reference and says, “D20 roll for initiative”.  

Eli sanchez is not much of an artistic soul but a very warm hearted kid who loves to look back on the golden football days and the love for the game as he will put his number #70 to remember his days as a gladiator of the gridiron.     

Brittany Wright is always willing to go the extra mile and has always been a princess when doing so. she decorated her cap saying “usually I wear a crown but today this will do”.   

CVU graduation is right around the corner and the anticipation is high. To all seniors around the school… looking forward to the caps on graduation day.  

CVU graduation is scheduled for 1:00 on Friday at UVM’s Patrick Gym.