Photo Story: Vermont City Marathon 2017

Cafeteria Side Door: Logical Yet Somehow Confusing

Mr. Josh Bliss & Jaime Vachon

HINESBURG– This past Friday, a CVU student was caught entering the cafeteria through the exit line doors instead of the side door.

For the past few months, the CVU cafeteria has enforced a new rule that students must enter the side door of the cafeteria, rather than the door that is closest to the hallway.  

pasted image 0 (10)

Regarding the change, CVU Cafeteria Staff Member, Barbara Georgi, stated “We made the change because the door closest to the hallway was right next to the coffee creamer and other ingredients, which caused people to crowd around the door.  It was a matter of traffic flow.”

Many students do not like the new change because the old door was much closer and more easily accessible.  CVU student, Nate Shanks, said, “It’s inconvenient.” 

However, many students are probably unaware of why the cafeteria made the change in the first place.  CVU senior, Abby Thut, had this to say, “I personally don’t understand why they changed it.  I don’t think it was beneficial because it makes it one less entrance into the cafeteria.”  

Although students may find the new way inconvenient, the change does help traffic flow and prevents crowds of people.  

Sons of Pitches Rock Out for Senior Class

Mssrs. Christopher T. O’Brien and Mr. Jacob C. Griggs

On Friday, May 12, the Sons of Pitches put on a show to help fund raise for the 2017 senior class.  

The concert was held in the CVU auditorium. The group of acapella singers were able to bring in $600 in one night of performing. With a big crowd to support the singers, they provided entertainment for the night.  


Image by Jennifer Lucey

CVU Senior and one of the leaders of the group, Nate Shanks, explained his thoughts on the event,  “It was a good way to get the student body and the public together to enjoy the night. It was also nice to see a big team effort from a bunch of different people.”

Another vocalist for the Sons of Pitches, senior Max Pudvar, said “We exceeded our own expectations for how the performance would go. It was awesome doing a collaboration with Urban dance and Rick (aka Hip Hop) I think everyone who attended enjoyed themselves and got their money’s worth.”

The crowd seemed to be pleased with the concert, stated CVU senior Hannah Munn. “I really love the courage and strength that they had during the concert.  Not going to lie it hit me straight in the soul when they sang Hallelujah.  This was also a great way to unify the class and bring in money.”  


Image by Jennifer Lucey

Although the acapella group sang throwbacks, they also sang newer songs like Gold Digger by Kanye West and Magic by BOB.

The $600 that were raised was from a one to five dollar donation upon entry. Michelle Fongemie, Laurie Gunn and an anonymous donor who attended the concert generously donated $100.

Here’s the full performance, if you dare:

Slovenly Students Cause CVU to Close Tables by Main Office

Mr. Colin Lach & Steven Nicolai Blood 

HINESBURG – It was recently released that CVU would be temporarily shutting down the tables near the front office, making them off limits to students during lunch time. This is happening because of the dirty dishes and trash that has been frequently been found there recently.

The CVU community is divided on their response to this change.


The tables in question. Image by Colin Lach

CVU Staff member Tim Albertson explained the reasoning for this temporary shutdown “People weren’t being responsible cleaning up plates, trays and utensils.”

This is not the first time that CVU has decided to shut down a public area due to this reason, during winter of this year the faculty made the tables near the mini gym off limits. Faculty decided to shut down this areas because the believe they are a privilege students need to earn to keep and leaving trash there isn’t the way to do that.

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CVU Students and Faculty head to North Carolina for a great cause

Mr. Kyler Murray &  Mr. Colin Lach 

Over Spring Break CVU students and Faculty traveled to North Carolina to take part in the Habitat for Humanity program. This was the 15th year CVUHS has taken part in this trip.

Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit housing organization working in nearly 1,400 communities across the United States and in approximately 70 countries around the world. Habitat’s vision is of a world where everyone has a decent place to live, and they work to make that a reality.

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CVU Continues to Set Records In Track and Field

Mr. Wyatt Troutmaster Hoechner

CVU Track and Field team is in full swing like most spring sports, on 05/13/17 CVU hosted their latest track meet. With key athletes out with injuries like Sophia Gorman CVU didn’t dominate every event at the track meet. Yet this didn’t stop the rest of the team. Every athlete has been taught to push their limits and strive towards faster times. This dedication can easily be seen on the track but also in the recorded time sheets.

pasted image 0 (8)

Track meets are massive and consist of multiple different events. With that said CVU, has a wide spread of talented runners in its arsenal. In just this one track meet on 05/13/17 CVU not only won multiple events but set many PR’s (personal records) as well. In the Discus event Alison Kloechner set her new record, along with Tyler Marshall one of our star athletes who seems to just get faster and faster. Marshall took over the 800 meter dash sweeping away his old PR and getting a time of just 1:58.

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Felt Soled Wader Ban Repealed In Vermont

Mr. Brenden Rockgod Provost 

In 2007, a Vermont fisherman found what he thought looked like a sewage leak at the bottom of the connecticut river in Vermont. Shortly after the fisherman notified Vermont Fish and Wildlife, the unknown object in the water was identified as Didymo, or “Rock Snot”. From that moment onward, rock snot was thought to be an invasive species. Restrictions on using felt soled waders were set in fear that they would aid the unwanted spread of rock snot.


Image courtesy of Wideopenspaces.

On June 20th of 2016, Scientists discovered that rock snot is not in fact an invasive species. Almost immediately after this discovery, Vermont Fish and Wildlife repealed the restrictions on felt soled waders. A very controversial decision for most avid Vermont fly fishermen. Vermont fishermen always tend to be as environmentally friendly, especially when it comes to wildlife. “Rock snot may not be an invasive species, but there’s no point in giving up on the control of other invasive species” said Ozias Peltier, an avid and dedicated Vermont fisherman. 

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May Horoscopes With your life guru, Tahini Turner

“Don’t worry, what you are about to read is only your destiny…there’s really no point in worrying  about it because you can’t change it.”


Aquarius-You will soon be faced with a very important decision. Now I know making a choice between Raisin Bran or Lucky Charms may not seem as important as creating solutions to world peace, but one of these cereals provides you with empty chalk flavored calories, and the other, while a less visually appealing option, provides with you some seriously beneficial low fat high fiber crunch.

Sagittarius-You’re mom is going to ask you once again why you don’t come out of your room. I know it seems cool now, and it doesn’t seem like actual human interaction is that important during your free spirited, soul searching teen years, but if you don’t come out of your room at least once when you get home your parent is going to start thinking you have joined an underground group of terrifying teens whose greatest aspiration is to meet Dave Mustaine from Megadeth.

Taurus-Don’t buy the yellow sneakers you were eyeing at the department store, you may think it’s a good price now but wait till you meet my good friend Amazon. Yes, there is a $15 price difference so be sure to take me up on my cosmic advice and sport some (questionable) yellow shoes without breaking the bank.

Gemini-Next time someone tells you that you are rude, pull a classy Prince Philip and tell them, “I know I am rude, but it’s Fun”. Nobody can argue with a Prince after all, the Prince of England makes your case even stronger.

Virgo-If you’re feeling down, just think how disheartened the people of Delaware will feel when they learn that they have been dubbed the most boring state according to The Telegraph magazine. Maybe if you go out for some fun, dance, eat some tacos, join your local community band or singing group, the Delawareans can live vicariously through you.

Pisces-Ok, let’s get one thing straight Pisces, this may not be your week, but that is no excuse for you to skip motivational yoga for your secret Froyo cravings. I mean the cosmic energy flow of the universe may accept that fact that you’ve proclaimed yourself to be a vegan, but they certainly won’t be so understanding with your withdrawal from motivation yoga class.

Aries- New opportunities bloom for you this month. But, like any flower, your success started as a small, seemingly insignificant bulb that required nurturing and patience. You knew that starting from the bottom wasn’t going to keep you stagnant. With patience and persistence, you turned that brown, ugly lil bulb into a tall, bright, blossom. Moral of the story being you should really take up gardening, of course.

Leo- Watch out with that new promotion, don’t become over-confident at work. Keep your eye out for the people who smile at you but are stone cold in the eyes. You know, the people who have got your back but only so they can hit you over the head with the proper chance. Stay humble and try to make friends with people in the other departments, the ones you can assure won’t be trying to go for your job.  

Cancer- You’ve recently been rampant, searching every corner of the interweb for more information on whether or not “Your BBQ could give you CANCER”. So, after all that you’re finally convinced that your barbeque is carcinogenic…but will that really stop you from getting in the summer spirit and having a neighborhood barbeque cook-out? I’d say not! You can limit the amount you eat, but every once in awhile you gotta let that love shine through and take some risks in life, even if that means eating carcinogenic barbeque.

Capricorn- Something’s missing, You’re feeling trapped and unsatisfied, yet, you can’t seem to be able to pinpoint why…everything’s as it should be, right? You have no reason to feel unsatisfied, right? You feel as though you are being ungrateful, “I have so much abundance in my life, why on earth am I so unhappy? Don’t beat yourself up for feeling the way you do by trying to justify it. What matters is how you move forward with your life, in spite of these feelings.

Scorpio- Yes, you went on your first blind date last weekend. It seemed like it went well…at least in your head it did. In reality, he checked his watch several times, showed up late and made minimal eye-contact. You gave him your number and he said that he’d call…don’t waste your time sitting by the phone because, guess what, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that he lost your number or is trying to seem mysterious, he’s probably not that into you. It’s time to move onto other possibilities, the universe has a lot of positivity in store for you…eventually.  

Libra- You look around, everyday, and think, “What’s missing in my day?”, well Libra, prepare for enlightenment, because…it seems to be that you’ve been skipping out on breakfast, the most important meal of the day: breakfast. How can you expect your chi energy to be steadily flowing when you’re skipping out on quality nutrition to start the day? I would suggest Kellogg’s Honey Smacks.




The NFL Needs to Make Changes

Mr. Josh Bliss

In October 2015, NFL running back DeAngelo Williams was fined $5,787 for wearing pink in honor of his mother to support Breast Cancer. In 2016, even more ridiculous fines occurred. Antonio Brown was fined $6,000 for wearing blue cleats. Josh Norman was fined for shooting a bow and arrow after a good defensive play, despite Brandin Cooks not receiving a fine for doing the same exact thing. Even Allen Robinson was fined $9,000 for spinning a football after scoring a touchdown. It’s no question why the NFL has lost viewership over the past years. All of these rules make the games less entertaining. If the NFL wants to change the trend in declining viewership, they have to change many things.

pasted image 0 (1)

Image Credit: Sports Illustrated

Some people associate this decline with the number of uninteresting games. This may be a factor in the decline, as eight out of the 10 playoff games before the Super Bowl were blowouts, meaning there’s no point in watching when you already know who’s going to win after the first quarter. It is also quite possible that the presidential election had something to do with the declined ratings. Ratings were down 8% this year, but studies have proven that ratings also decreased during the 2000 presidential campaign (10%) and during the 1996 presidential campaign (6%). However, even after the election occurred, the ratings were still down.

One of the main causes is because the NFL doesn’t listen to their fans. Fans want to see close, entertaining games that are reffed fairly. Only the opposite can be said for this past season, as we have seen more and more blowouts, less entertainment, and controversial refereeing. Eric Simons, author of “The Secret Lives of Sports Fans” expressed, “There’s this idea that fans will follow or that fans don’t matter. That they’lll sell out their boxes to big corporations no matter where they go.”

This assumption by the NFL just simply isn’t true. Take the new Los Angeles Rams for example. They just finished their first year playing in Los Angeles after many years of playing in St. Louis, and they were more popular in St. Louis. Despite Los Angeles having a significantly higher population than St. Louis (more than 3 million people), more people in St. Louis are watching the games than those in L.A. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Nielsen, which tracks viewership, reports that 10.6 percent of homes with a TV in St. Louis tuned in to see the Rams trudge to a 24-3 loss Thursday night to Seattle in their most recent contest. The figure in LA was 10.2 [percent]. (The game was shown on NBC and NFL Network in both markets, and the ratings cited are the combined numbers for those outlets)”. Attendance is down in L.A., and there is no sign of change in the near future. With even more teams moving to different cities such as San Diego to L.A. and Oakland to Las Vegas, it is safe to assume that these teams will lose ratings.

pasted image 0 (2)

Image Credit: USA Today

Additionally, fans want to be entertained. The new rules preventing players from celebrating is uncalled for and doesn’t prevent anything. What is the harm in celebrating a touchdown? Fans are upset that their teams are penalized for simply celebrating a touchdown, which can affect the outcome of the game. Yes, the NFL has made momentum to changing these celebration rules amongst other rules, and a change is likely in the near future. For now though, the NFL is commonly known as the ‘No Fun League,’ and viewership will continue to decline until something is done about it.

CVU Reacts to New Lunch Regs

Ms. Jam Giubardo


VIRGINIA–On Monday, May 5th, 2017  new Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced the removal of the regulation of school lunch standards emitted by the former first lady, declaring at a Virginia school that the administration would “Make School Meals Great Again.”

The previous regulations placed on school lunches by Michelle Obama, The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, put regulations on the amount of sugar, dairy, and white flower in school lunches causing a lot of controversy in schools nationwide. The regulations made kids not want to eat the cafeteria food, which lead to a drop in the income of school cafeterias.

Mr. Perdue said, “”I applaud former First Lady Michelle Obama for addressing those obesity problems in the past,” But, “If kids aren’t eating the food, and it’s ending up in the trash, they aren’t getting any nutrition — thus undermining the intent of the program.”

The new regulation lift will not completely disturb Michelle’s efforts, just slow them down. The USDA will now let states grant exemptions regarding whole grain standards for the 2017-2018 school year if they’re having trouble meeting the requirements, and the agency said it will “take all necessary regulatory actions to implement a long-term solution.”

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The Apology Complex: Why It’s Time to Stop Saying “I’m Sorry”

Editor-in-Chief, Ms. Koko Vercessi


Courtesy of BBC

How many conversations have you had with your friends where you don’t say sorry at least once for something that didn’t require it? While many people believe that old school manners and the art of etiquette is dying, others are suffering from a very different kind of problem that doesn’t involve rudeness. All around the world, people are plagued by what has become known as the “Apology Complex”, or “Sorry Syndrome”.

“Sorry Syndrome” comes in the form of a type of constant verbal regurgitation of the words “I’m sorry” during situations that do not really call for this kind of proclamation of an apology. An apology can take the form of an admittance of guilt, a way of showing regret, or an attempt to show sympathy. The words once used to convey an apology are now being used in everyday conversations. I doubt that anyone has passed by or participated in a conversation in which they have not heard or uttered themselves the words “I’m sorry” when the situation did not really call for an apology.“Sorry Syndrome” has gotten so bad that people assume judgement and feel the need to apologize for simply just being, or just acting in a natural way. But because of a comment or funny look, many of us resort to simply apologizing to the people around us for being ourselves.

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Four Corners In Four Years

Mr. Jacob H. Bouffard and Mr. Christopher T. O’Brien

Walking through four corners at CVU on an early Friday morning before school, very few students were socializing in this commons area. Unlike in years past, four corners has begun to fade from being one of the central parts of the school, to an empty area.

Four corners is where all the hallways meet and has been known as the place to be before school. Over the years, the intersection has had many different looks as several students left their trace with paintings on the walls. However, in recent years, students have decided to socialize in other places.


Image by Josh Bliss

CVU Seniors Charlie Bernicke, Max and Dillon Hamrell and Nick Mogilnicki, were too intimidated freshmen year to be in four corners prior to school, and would instead go into “The Fishbowl” to spend time before school began. “The Fishbowl” is a place in the Freshman core that many freshmen spend time in.

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Chemical Re-Actions: AP Chem at the End of the Year

Mr. Thomas Daley

HINESBURG, VT — On Monday, AP Chemistry students from Champlain Valley Union High School took the national exam at St. Jude’s Church in Hinesburg; with the AP exam over, the class is looking to take on a new purpose for the students.

Up until this week, AP Chemistry students have been focusing on the AP Chemistry curriculum and preparations for the AP test. “We are a pretty intensive class and we start in the summer,” said course teacher Sarah Malcom.

For the rest of the school year, students will be working on project-based group tasks that apply their chemistry knowledge. Malcolm described it as “an opportunity to do something different.”

Why are large chemistry design tasks only assigned at the end of the year? “Time,” stated Malcolm. She noted that students are better able to complete their projects because of the knowledge base they have established.


Students work on producing an edible meal

James White, a senior in AP Chemistry, expressed excitement for the new applications of his knowledge: “AP Chem gave me a new sense of bewilderment that arises when I stretch an eraser, or boil water, or crush salt. Having a more in-depth understanding of everyday objects makes the world around me more interesting, and makes me all the more curious to see how it works,” said White.

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The Scoop on Poop

Mr. Christopher T. O’Brien and Mr. Zachary O. Toensing

On May 4th at Champlain Valley Union High School, students walked out at the end of their day with small presents on their cars. These presents were the droppings from many ring billed gulls (seagulls) that had been around the school all day. The timing of the bird poop is no coincidence. Like many birds, the ring billed gulls head from the parking lots in the north, down to the parking lots in the south for the winter and then return when the weather gets warmer here in Vermont.

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ChittCore’s TJ Provides Important Addiction Education

Mr. Joshua Bliss & Mr. Cameron Longchamp

HINESBURG — CVU health teacher from Chittenden Core, T.J. Mead, spent this last Wednesday teaching his students about the painful realities of drug addiction. The students took action working on the simulator that T.J. designed to help students understand what addiction was and how it affects teens.

pasted image 0

T.J. started his class by asking the students to define what they thought addiction meant. The lesson T.J. was teaching was about the effects of drugs and how that applied to the teen brain because the brain is not fully developed until the age of 25.

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CVU Library on the Rise?

Mr. Christopher T. O’Brien and Mr. Jacob C. Griggs

HINESBURG- Late Wednesday, a CVU senior, Taya Leprevost, went to the CVU library to check out the book, “Midwives.” Taya is one of many students who are checking out fiction books from the library regularly.


Taya is an avid reader and says, “I check out a book about once a month. Usually they are WWII books; however, I needed a break from them so I picked out a fiction book.” Taya has found the book “Midwives” to be very intriguing, considering that the author is from Vermont and that it is also where the story takes place. This isn’t only true for Taya, many more CVU students have been checking out more and more fiction books than non-fiction.


Peter Langella, the CVU librarian, has been around the CVU books for 6 years and he says,“We [the librarians] have been making a conscious effort to update the fiction section of the library with current books, and we can tell with the amount of fiction books being checked out that there is more student interest in fiction books than nonfiction”



Image Credit: Banwell Architects

In his experience at the library he has seen some trends throughout the years. According to Peter, “more fact based sources are now online and students and staff have been checking out less nonfiction books.” Instead of people checking out less books, the amount has increased through the years that he has been here.


Peter also explained, “The library is more of a hang out place. Over the years it has stayed the same, but I believe there should be a student center of some sort. CVU has tried to make places for students like the cafeteria or the front for students to socialize.” Even though the library is meant for studying and getting work done, Peter doesn’t see any other place for students to socialize in the school during their free time, and therefore, is okay with socializing in the library rather than studying.


Although it may seem that the library hasn’t been used in the way it is intended, many books have been checked out daily and students will continue to socialize in the library until CVU finds another place for them to be able to take a break from school during the day.

Fresh Start for CVU Softball

Mr. Christopher T. O’Brien

After ending the 2016 season 3-14, the CVU Softball team had their work cut out for them if they want to compete in the 2017 season.

Following the 2016 season, the head coach, Paul Potter, stepped down, leaving the door open for a new coach. Potter, from Shelburne, had been the coach for the previous four years  and struggled to find success.



Photo: Dan Shepardson

With a new coach to start off the season, the girls could hope that they would have a season to be proud of. The new coach for the 2017 season is Mike Sullivan. Sullivan lives in Vergennes and has returned to CVU to coach after previously coaching in Vergennes. Emily Gagnon, a CVU senior says about the new coach, “I have much more faith in our team and in the new coaching staff than I did before.”

The girls on the team knew that it wouldn’t just be a new coach that would make this happen, and that they would need to put time into it over the winter in order to better themselves.

Natalie Gagnon, a senior on the softball team, used the winter to prepare for the upcoming season: “I play year round for my travel team, Vermont Storm. We practice at Bases Loaded throughout the winter and would play tournaments in New York.” Bases Loaded is an indoor hitting and pitching facility located in Williston.

Natalie also says, “The scores this year are much lower than in previous years which gives us more hope despite the record so far. We have faced our toughest opponents already and have held them to minimal runs. The team is more focused and confident this year and I’m excited to see how the rest of the season plays out.”

So far this season the Redhawks are 4 and 4 and look to improve to 5 and 4 with their next game in Vergennes on May 9.


AP Human Geography: Lacey Emphasizes Empathy


Mr. Thomas Daley

According to the World Health Organization, 1.8 billion people use a drinking-water water source contaminated with faeces. The United Nations Water for Life campaign reports that, on average, women in Africa and Asia walk 3.7 miles to collect water, sometimes in amounts less than three gallons. The United States Geological Survey states that the average American uses 80-100 gallons of water a day. In the U.S. humans have a very lavish relationship with water, something that is easy to unintentionally take for granted. One CVU teacher’s AP Human Geography class, however, has decided to put an end to the ignorance.

pasted image 0 (7)

During the week of March 13, 2017, Lacey Richards tasked her students with a challenge. The first option was to carry five gallons of water everywhere for a week—something both physically and emotionally stressful. The second was to, over the course of the week, boil all water for 10 minutes before using it; this was designed for students who were physically unable to carry out the first option, or for those who simply could not fit transporting five gallons of water into their schedule. “It definitely made me appreciate the fact that we can turn on the faucet and have running water around here,” explained Ben Stevens, a CVU junior, “Carrying 40 plus pounds of water everywhere I went was not that fun. I think that experience is what made me realize how tough walking to get water is and how fortunate we are to have access to running water.”

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New Instant Runoff Voting Leads Flad and Koutras to be 2017-18 Student Body President and Co-President

Mr. Christopher T. O’Brien and Jacob C. Griggs 

In the 2017-18 CVU election, seven 11th grade candidates ran for the student body president and vice president for their senior year of high school coming up this fall.

In years past it was common for four or five pairs of students to run for president and vice president; however, this year there’s been more interest, leading to a new voting system.


The candidates mug for Instagram, appeal for insta-votes.


The new voting system is common in France, and is called Instant Runoff Voting. Opposed to selecting the candidate with the most overall votes, the students ranked the candidates from their favorite to their least favorite. Once all the votes are in, the candidate with the least amount of votes are eliminated, and the votes that were for the eliminated candidate are now changed to their second choice and the results are looked at again. The next, least voted group is eliminated, and anyone who voted for them gets their vote changed to their next choice until it’s down to the final two. If one of the candidates has a majority amount of the votes, then that group will win the election on the spot.

Lacey Richards, a CVU history teacher, is a proponent for instant runoff voting, “It allows for more third party involvement. It also is cost effective because there is no need for a secondary election which can be very expensive.” She added, “this voting system allows for people to vote for who they want elected versus voting against a candidate.”

Roarke Flad, from Shelburne, has been elected by the Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors at CVU as the President of the student body for the upcoming school year. Flad says, “My enthusiasm and charisma was what it took to convince the students to vote for us.” Flad’s co-president, Lydia Koutras from Williston says, “We plan on putting a couple of trees in the library and fixing the bell system to not go off radically.”

With the new voting system in place for the first year, it didn’t seem to have much of an impact on the elections, “The new voting system did not play a role in the results, however, it was helpful information and if it were to be a closer race than it would have had an impact.“ says current student body president Annie Bedell.

Whether or not the instant runoff voting helped out for a more fair election this year, with many close elections to come in the future, the new voting system will be able to have a more direct impact on who will becoming the next student body president and co president.