The Perfect Book for Sophomores

Mr. Cameron Longchamp and Mr. Chris O’Brien

HINESBURG, VT – This year’s Sophomores at CVU are assigned the same book that many of the previous students have read before them. The book The Lord of the Flies is one of the most popular books for the Sophomores to read, but why is it read year after year?


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Two weeks ago, the book was assigned by Cydney Craft and Stacy Wulff to their humanities classes. This is the case not only for Craft’s and Wulff’s students, but for many other Sophomore teachers around the building.

When asked why this book is read year after year by 10th graders, Craft says, “The book allows for students to understand human nature and human dynamics. The students are able to connect the characters in the book to people in real life. For instance they can find out who are the leaders in a small group during class, and why do they rely on certain to be the leaders.” It was these qualities that convinced Craft to teach this book this year instead of choosing another.

It is clear that the teachers back up the purpose of this book 100%; however, that doesn’t mean that all the students agree. CVU Sophomore, Graham Walker says, “So far we are halfway through the book and I actually am enjoying the book. It tells the classic story of a group of people working together to stay alive on an island.”

The story of Lord of the Flies follows the lives of several boys as they are stuck on an island and must survive until they are rescued. An intriguing storyline for the students, paired with a strong connection to the lives that the Sophomores live acting as guides the teacher’s curriculum makes The Lord of the Flies a perfect fit for every Sophomore to read for years to come.