Congested CVU Senior Lot Sparks Controversy

Mr. Zach Toensing

Hinesburg, VT- The confusing and crowded Champlain Valley Union High School Senior parking lot is something that students have grown accustomed to over the years. This parking lot, with spaces reserved for Seniors was something that many students looked forward to in their final year before graduation. However, a new policy allows many Juniors to take advantage of vacant spots that were not previously available to them. This is not without controversy though, as many Seniors are claiming that front lot spots are losing their availability due to this rule change.

Twenty five Juniors were first granted Senior lot passes last year as vacant spaces in the Senior Lot were taken due to the overcrowded Junior Lot. Violations were not common, said Debbie Seaton, the authority of CVU parking lots. She noticed a difference this year in the number of violations. “We have 10-15 cars written down per day for violations,” Debbie said. “Some people think these rules are not important enough to be followed”.

The issue of not following rules is something that seems to be ingrained in the minds of many Juniors. Notorious rule breaker and Junior, Paul Keen, commented on this, unregretfully saying, “Almost everyday I parked in the Senior Lot. I parked in the Senior Lot yesterday”. Many Seniors are outraged by these behaviors as front lot parking spots are being clogged up by Junior drivers, forcing them to park in the further back lot near the annex.pasted image 0 (1)

On the flip side, many Juniors are outraged by the difficulty of being forced to park in the Junior Lot. Hazardous weather conditions make it treacherous to make the nearly quarter mile trek down from the parking area, creating a dangerous environment for students. Keen said, “I have slipped and fallen at least once a week. Either the school must find a way to make the walk safe, or we will continue to be forced to park in the Senior Lot”.

Thomas Georgsson, a Senior, was opposed to this statement. “As a junior I was forced to make that walk,” Georgsson said. “It’s only fair that this year’s class has to do the same”.