December Horoscopes with Tahini Turner

“Don’t worry, what you are about to read is only your destiny…there’s really no point in worrying  about it because you can’t change it.”

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Aquarius-Get yourself to a yoga class please, you’re starting to drive everyone crazy.

Pisces-Lighten the load of your backpack..your friends are starting to notice it weighs 15 lbs and they are going to wonder if it represents your actual mental baggage.

Aries-I know you’re tempted to sneak a taste of that ghost pepper sriracha sauce always sitting on the table in room 218…don’t do it. If you do, the stability of your karma with the universe will be disrupted in unfathomable ways for about 7.5 hours.  

Taurus-Stop checking yourself out in the windows of the cars you pass by on your way to the baseball field during a fire drill…everyone can see you.

Gemini-Keep an eye out for that fair-eyed, dark-haired boy/girl…you may have struck their fancy. Don’t worry, it’s not Mercury Retrograde so the planets are in perfect alignment for you to approach him/her without completely making a fool out of yourself.

Cancer-I know you’ve been staying away from your local grocery store to avoid seeing people you know but really…what’s the worst that can happen? Social interaction outside of school over a loaf of bread and some kombucha is not the end of the world.

Leo-Don’t let that fat ego of yours make you feel overconfident in your studies…if anything, be over prepared.

Virgo-Yes, yes, yes, I know you’re stressed. I know the authentic sheep’s wool moccasins you ordered didn’t come in the mail yet, but that’s no reason to lash out on friends or family…instead, I would suggest burning some sage, climbing the nearest mountain and screaming at the top of your lungs.

Libra-Yes…everyone knows you went to Marshalls to get the $8.99 “lotion and fuzzy sock” combo for your advisory Secret Santa.

Scorpio-When someone catches your fancy, try to tone down the flirt, try something a bit more subtle…like slowly walking away with your head down and avoiding all eye contact.

Sagittarius-When the music is good, make sure you dance…just don’t let anyone catch you dancing to Genesis. Everyone has been lying to you when they said that they still like Phil Collins…I mean really, how can you make a comeback after “Easy Lover”.

Capricorn-No, the Buddha-shaped beeswax candle you bought from the man on Church Street isn’t really from India. But hey, its matches your aesthetic so it’s all good…just don’t tell your friends, you phony.

Is Climate Change Causing Vermont Winters to Disappear?

By Ms. Mia O’Farrell

Photo Courtesy of Inhabitat

Photo Courtesy of Inhabitat

We know the climate of our world is changing, and here in the small state of Vermont we can already identify some if it’s impacts: seasons changing at unusual times compared to past years, and temperatures rising at alarming rates being just a few examples. With these changes, Vermont as whole will be impacted, however; the greatest impact of all will be on winter, a season important to Vermonters and tourists alike, and one that is crucial for Vermont’s economy and recreational opportunities.

With temperatures becoming warmer year round, winters are getting shorter, and snowfall is becoming even more unpredictable. Here in the U.S., temperatures ranging from December through February have increased 0.55 degrees Fahrenheit on average per decade since 1970 -but this isn’t the case for the Green Mountain State. Here in Vermont, temperatures are found to be warming quicker than the national average, with winters warming twice as fast in relation to summers, and seasons changing at different times compared to previous years. In fact, fall is now beginning later than usual, resulting in a shorter winter season due to the fact that spring is now appearing earlier in the year. These concepts, coupled with increasing temperatures, make for a troubling forecast in the future when our winter precipitation shifts from snow to rain.

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