The iPhone 7: Are the new features worth it?

 Mr. Douglas Schmidt

Apple released their new iPhone 7 model earlier this month which features a better camera, screen, and stereo speakers. However, Apple neglected to include a headphone jack, rendering all previous headphone models useless unless customers purchase a lightning jack converter, or spend more money to buy their new headphone model AirPods, or Bluetooth headphones from a third party. Arguably, this could be Apple’s worst move, ever.  

A headphone jack serves more than one purpose on an iPhone. It can be used as a microphone input, a credit card reader, a thermometer, and 3D camera. More importantly, it can be use as an audio output. A headphone jack is a more practical, robust, and a much simpler version of Bluetooth. The headphone jack just worked. Micah Singleton, a tech writer for The Verge, said,The belief that killing the most popular port in the world on the most popular smartphone in the world would have no consequences is wholly shortsighted.It’s more than just a plug, it’s the source of income for a massive industry of headphone jack accessory developers around the world, and Apple just simply stole it from them.



Image courtesy of Business Insider

While there is a solution to the problem, it’s nothing but a scheme for Apple to take more money from you. Apple sells a 3.5mm to lightning connector on their website for $9, and they ship it in the box with all iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. But what about the people who listen to music and charge their phone at the same time? Well, unless you got $40 to spend on a third party adapter, you’re out of luck.

Now let’s talk about the AirPods, Apple’s new version of their famous 3.5mm jack headphones. They’re small, they’re wireless, and they’re not that cool. Even if you spend the money, you’re bound to lose them within the first month. There’s simply no purpose for the AirPod, other than an excuse for Apple to remove the headphone jack and make money.

Overall, the iPhone 7 isn’t a bad phone. It’s simply the decisions that Apple has made that makes me question that opinion. The 3.5mm jack was much more than just a hole in the bottom of the phone, it was the father of an entire industry of accessories. The headphone jack is not gone forever. It will still be around on other phone models. But until Apple brings it back, I’ll stick to my iPhone 6s.