Kids flip out on new trend: water bottle tossing

Mr. George Lomas

Yet another trend has spread across the country thanks to a high school student named Michael Senator, AKA The Water Bottle Flipping Kid. Water bottle flipping was first started when Senator was involved in his school’s talent show. Usually in a talent show people sing, dance, or perform some other impressive art or talent. Senator decided to do something a little different. His act began with an empty stage except for a single, small table sitting front and center on the stage. Senator came out from the side of the stage walking in a funky ice skating manner with the water bottle in his right hand. He had intense music in the background building throughout his performance. Senator was able to time it so that when he flipped the bottle, the landing of it was at the exact same time as the “drop” of the music. Of course, Senator nailed the landing and everybody in the crowd went absolutely insane. The cameraman starts uncontrollably flailing the camera everywhere, but you can still just make out Senator casually walking off the stage as if nothing had ever happened.


Image courtesy of Vox


Water bottle flipping is an incredible art. The fact that such a simple trick can make a crowd go absolutely berserk and give the person doing it such an incredible feeling of accomplishment shows just how amazing bottle flipping really is.

As this trend has sparked a huge interest in the community of CVU, not everyone agrees with the unreal excellence of bottle flipping. According to Kelsie Saia, an anti-bottle flipping enthusiast, “Bottle flipping is just another way for people to get attention and make a fool out of themselves. People literally only ever make it like… 1 out of every 10 tries. Hearing a bottle crash down on a table over and over and over again until finally you hear, thump, then, YEAH! IT’S SO ANNOYING!” Hannah Bernier, a supporter of Saia’s opinion on bottle flipping says, “My brother SUCKS at bottle flipping and I would be very concerned for my family and my brother if he were to become an addict. I don’t think he would be able to get therapy if he needed it. I worry everyday that bottle flipping is changing my brother. He never completes his homework anymore, all he does is flip that [flipping] bottle night after night.”

Just as there are anti-bottle flipping people, there are also people who aspire to be the best in this activity. According to Ben Cotton, a “wanna be” bottle flipping god, “It makes me feel like a failure when I don’t make a successful flip, so, I just keep trying until I finally make it. When I do, I can not even begin to describe the feeling of limitless power it gives you. One day, I will be a bottle flipping wizard and go down to be known as “Bottled Ben.” Every night, I sit in my room and just practice for hours on end, just waiting for the day that I never miss.”

Maya Townsend, a bottle flipping natural, has a story about her first and only bottle flipping experience. “Well, we were on the Italy trip and had just arrived in Florence. We were walking and came up this medieval jousting event thing.  It wasn’t very crowded and appealing so people just started trying to bottle flip. Literally not a single person was able to get it. Finally I got fed up watching people failing, so I stepped up, grabbed the bottle, flipped it up without knowing what I was doing but next thing I knew, the bottle landed perfectly. There was a small moment of silence until everybody I was around just stood up and screamed! It was the loudest cheer that that jousting event had ever gotten. When we left, we just left the bottle sitting there to represent the unforgettable moment. The rest of the trip was lit!”

Bottle flipping is without a doubt one of the more brilliant trends that youth have come up with. Thanks to bottle flipping, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, and many other social media sites have gained a lot of popularity. As trends always do, they die and social media flatlines. However, the youth of our society never fail to come up with more goofy trends that keep social media running. What could possibly come next?