Gary Who?

By Koko Vercessi-Clarke


“Gary Johnson.” The Odyssey Online, Odyssey Online, 13 June 2016, Accessed 18 Sept. 2016.


So who really is the man polling at an average of 8% among American voters in the 2016 presidential election and who claims to be the “people’s president” and “the voice of reason”?

According to NBC’s 2016 candidate bio, Gary Johnson has a political science degree from the University of New Mexico and is known as the founder of Big J Enterprises, a construction company in New Mexico, the state that he would eventually become governor of in 1995, his total of two terms lasting till 2003.

Johnson’s stance on key issues include: eliminating the current tax system and replacing it with FairTax, cutting government spending, repealing President Obama’s healthcare law, and establishing a “simplified immigration program”. Gary Johnson is also known for his avid interest in health and fitness, but as interesting as scaling the highest peak on each of the seven continents is, Gary Johnson at his core is a true libertarian politician.

Libertarians are known for their, “do what you want as long as you don’t harm others” attitude, and this seems to work just fine with Gary Johnson as he is famous for his open admittance of his daily use of marijuana and his support of  its legalization in his political campaigns.

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