History Lives at Hildene Manor in Manchester, VT

Photo essay by Ms. Isabella Margi

New Writing Prose Teacher Takes Conventional Narratives One Step Further

 Ms. Kelsey Craige

Annie Bellerose is a new part-time English teacher here at CVU. “This is my first year teaching at CVU and I love it. I student-taught last year in the Fairbanks Core and have been absolutely thrilled to teach here part-time. It took me a really long time to figure out I wanted to teach in the classroom; before this I had worked in the outdoor and outdoor ed field. But I’ve always loved writing and reading, and taught creative writing for three years during my master’s program in fiction.”

At CVU she has applied her creativity to publishing student work online.  Lucidpress is a great new way to write essays that are vivid and interactive for all. Anything made on Lucidpress can be printed or shared to anyone. According to Ms. Bellerose, “Charlie MacFadyen [CVU's own Technology Integration Specialist] introduced me to Lucidpress this fall and it’s a great platform because it allows you to do some pretty neat things with design, either based on a template or on your own layout.” She went on to say that people can incorporate videos and slideshows into the essay.

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CVHoops: Otley’s Crew Continues Its Epic Roll by Rolling Over Rice

Mr. Eli Hark

HINESBURG– Champlain Valley Union High School’s Girls Basketball team continued their win streak to 75 games without a loss passing Oxbow’s record for longest win streak in the VPA’s history after beating Rice 53-25 on Monday, December 14.

When freshmen make varsity you always know there is something special and that they have the drive that most high school athletes lack, but when Sadie Otley and Laurel Jaunich joined the team in the 2012-13 season, there was fire.

Photo by VT Sports Images

Photo by VT Sports Images

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Alien Conquerors Turn Down Earth

Mr. Zachary Richardson, Richardson Times Press Correspondent

WASHINGTON, DC — The Blarthax, a race of alien world-conquerors armed with infinitely more advanced technology than our own, turned down Earth for invading this Tuesday.

According to Blarthax spokesperson Garflex, the merciless space-warlords were originally planning to take over when they parked their ominous starships above world monuments one week earlier.

“We were planning to simultaneously destroy them,” said Garflex through some kind of bio- mechanical screech-to-speech translator. “To, you know, display our superior firepower and destroy your sources of hope. It’s pretty much invasion 101.”

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