Rahn Rocks the Fitness Center for Early AM Workouts

Mr. Cooper Bolduc

As the early morning sun of September hits the south facing entry to CVU, I join a small group of students following staff member, Rahn Fleming, into the school, where we are greeted by the loud voice of Avery Boucher. We turn right and make our way down the stairs into the fitness center. When asked to explain opening the gym Rahn stated, “It’s impossible for me to describe, I just feel joy.”

Working out poses many benefits in regard to personal health; however, working out in the morning provides additional benefits. “It clears your mind, and gets you ready for the day,” stated Rahn, a man who has been working out for the past 42 years. Rahn also talked about benefits for class: a morning workout allows you to be more awake than you would have been otherwise.

Rahn in his element.  Photo by Eli Hark

Rahn in his element. Photo by Eli Hark

Starting a workout correctly is similar to starting one’s day correctly; it’s very important. According to Rahn the correct way to start a workout is, “8-12 minutes completing light to moderate cardio.” That cardio warms ups the muscles and fills them with nutrients. “Once you’re warm, I would say I recommend working from the largest muscle and most complex lift to the smallest and simplest lift,” added Rahn.

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