Grand Theft Auto Five Will Carjack Your Soul

Mr. Dylan Rochleau

Are you addicted?

If you’ve played any game before, whether it’s flappy birds, world of Warcraft or just some good ol’ chess, chances are you’ve probably felt some sort of inclination to keep playing that game. This would be defined by many as an addiction, but as the gaming world has exploded into the 21st century, addiction to games has been on the rise. These games aren’t just the dusty old checkerboard or classic deck of cards. Today, game makers strive to bring you into the game. They use state of the art software, servers and graphic designing so that their users experience full immersion. As game makers compete to make the best games, users trail after them suffering from addiction. If you don’t believe me this may just make you ponder how involved the public is with video games. “Grand Theft Auto V broke industry sales records and became the fastest-selling entertainment product in history, earning US$800 million in its first day and US$1 billion in its first three days.”

So, as far a precautionary measures go, I would like to warn anyone who feels that they can easily become addicted to turn away from this game review and shy away from GTA as a whole. On the contrary, if you love feeding your video game addiction, stay tuned.

Without further adue, today I will be discussing the pros and cons to Grand Theft Auto 5. GTA 5 was Created by Rockstar and released to the public on September 16, 2014. For those of you that have never heard of GTA, it’s basically a 3rd person shooter free-roaming game. There are missions and jobs you can complete to earn money and advance in the game. The story mode is laid out with three different characters. Rockstar Games included the ability to switch between players at any given moment. This ability leads users into the new GTA 5 online mode where you can literally construct and make your own avatar character. To say the least, GTA 5 is a game designed and constructed off of complete anarchy. The rules of the game are that there are no rules. Anything goes. Once you have completed story mode, a fairly comfortable $26,000,000 is dropped into your bank account and you are free to spend it as you please.

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Town Stereotypes Amplify Prejudgements

Ms. Allison Henson

CVU is a school proud to boast about their unity and acceptance of every student and teacher. CVU is a mixture of five different towns: Hinesburg, Charlotte, Shelburne, Williston, and St. George. As a freshman, you are thrown into the mixing pot with some kids you’ve grown up with and many that you’ve never met before. Straight away, you are judged on many things such as how attractive you are, the clothes you wear, how intelligent you are, the sports you play, etc. But what about where you come from?

I surveyed students from every town to discover what each town is viewed as. For the most part, people said that Shelburne is full of rich kids who are “fat headed” and full of themselves. Charlotte had a varied response, some said that it’s rich, snotty people while others said that they were “hicks” and farmers. The replies about Williston were also varied, with everything from stoners to the best town. Saint George was forgotten for the most part, and when prompted students would say that it’s basically just Hinesburg, but that it didn’t really matter.

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A Tribute to Seniors

Ms. Katherine Hoechner

Time is trickling down as the days become closer and closer to June 12, 2015- the day that the Senior Class graduates from Champlain Valley Union High School.

From college, to gap years, prep schools and adventures, I’ve discovered that CVU Seniors are practically doing it all in the year to come. As exciting as the next step is however, it’s also quite scary to look back and see where the past four years have gone.

I remember walking into CVU my first day as a freshman. I even remember the exact outfit I was wearing, and if you were wondering, it was my favorite blue Forever 21 shirt and white Urban Outfitter shorts. I remember being the little fish inside a huge school of sharks, as well as being rather rattled at the random video cameras documenting our first day arrivals. It’s crazy how time flies, I mean look at where we all are now.

It’s scary to take a blast into the past and realize how far we’ve all come. Four years ago I would have never expected to be graduating and enrolling into Eckerd College in Florida with my very best friend. I didn’t expect to see one of my amazing best friends enroll herself into Cornell’s Class of 2019, and I sure as hell wasn’t expecting this year to go by as fast as it did. It’s insane where we all began and to see where we all are headed- and

I decided to walk around the school one afternoon and catch up with fellow Seniors about where they plan on going next year. I wanted to see which route students deemed fitting for themselves, why they picked the route, and what excitement and worries come with that big decision (whatever it may be). The directions that each individual students  are about to embark on are both unique and intriguing and I think this is probably the best part of this year, that is, figuring out where everyone plans to go. We all started together, and now we end in our own different ways.

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Can Bernie’s Brand of VT Socialism Work for America?

Mr. Oscar Da-Man

Bernie Sanders, quite an interesting man. He’s the only self declared democratic socialist in the US presidential race. He is the only senator for the state of Vermont and he is a part of Vermont Progressive Party. He very recently announced his run as President Of The United States Of America, which created big fuss around him, and his sort of special politics. But is his politics actually that special, or is it just America that is not used to this kind of politics?

If we go outside of America there’s several places where this style of democratic socialism has worked out well, especially in Scandinavia and what Bernie Sanders is calling for the “Scandinavian model”. There is especially one country he desired the most, Norway, whom they follow a great system of modern socialism. The problem with socialism is usually how people can think it gets a little extreme as well as unfair.


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Humanity Helping with Habitat, A Trip Report

Ms. Layne Hall

Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1976. It is a non-governmental, Christian organization. There are over 1,300 organizations across the United States, that work together to build houses for those in need.

During spring break, I went down to North Carolina with twenty other students and adults. The ride was long, but pleasant, since I was surrounded by my friends. We stayed the night in Washington D.C. and left the next morning at eight. When we finally arrived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we wandered around the city. Later, we got situated in our rooms, and relaxed.

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You Kick Like a Girl, New Angles on Feminism

Ms. Anne-Sofie Eide

It is a very unsettling knowledge that the majority of today’s youth, both girls and boys, will deny being labeled a feminist. When a person claims to disagree with feminism, he or she is in fact stating that women should not be allowed to vote. That women’s rights are limited due to the fact she is a woman.  Feminism has gained a somewhat a bad thought in their minds. I dare state that all people who deny themselves to be feminists, have no idea what feminism is or what they are denying.  Feminism is nothing more than equality. If you think that your future wife should get the same salary as her man who has the same education and position in the workplace, and if you feel it would be ridiculous to deny someone a promotion to a high positioned job just because she is a woman, then you are indeed, a feminist.

The youth’s throughs around an “Extreme feminist” is what today is ruining the image of a normal feminist. Now if we give it some thought, the word itself doesn’t make sense.  If the definition of feminism is gender equality, it is possible that someone are pursuing over gender equality? There is, however, a term called Radical feminism- “the perspective within feminism that calls for a radical reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts. Radical feminists seek to abolish patriarchy by challenging existing social norms and institutions, rather than through a purely political process. “Radical feminists” are the ones giving feminism the bad image, but they are justified and necessary.

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FIFA President Sepp Blatter Announces Resignation

Mr. Jackson Palmer

ZURICH–Amid an international corruption scandal, FIFA President Sepp Blatter held a press conference to announce his resignation on Tuesday, June 2nd. Blatter had just won reelection for his fifth consecutive term 4 days prior to his resignation.

Blatter has remained president of FIFA for 17 years. During the brief press conference, he said that FIFA needed “profound restructuring.” Local CVU student and avid football fan Juan Meneses had a few words to say on the matter: “Honestly, I’m not surprised.”

Recent indictments of 14 FIFA officials for alleged bribery, money laundering, and fraud have caused an upset with the football community across the world. Most prominent is the controversy surrounding the 2022 World Cup bid won by Qatar. Two FIFA executive committee members were disqualified from voting on the bid due to allegations of corruption regarding their votes.

Hazardous work conditions for migrant workers on the football stadiums in Qatar have left an estimated death toll of 1,200. At this rate, it is estimated that 4,000 more workers will die by 2022 when the stadiums are expected to be completed. FIFA officials have done little to nothing to address the poor working conditions in Qatar which has exacerbated the animosity toward Blatter and FIFA itself.

As a result of the indictment scandal, Blatter is stepping down as president and calling for a reelection. It’s a step in the right direction, but the fate of the 2022 World Cup is still to be determined.

Cell Phones in School, a Mixed Bag

Mr. Dylan Rocheleau 

Imagine sitting in class, focused on a math problem. You’re on the verge of figuring out a solution to this complex problem. Just as you formulate your solution, the kid behind you gets a call and the sound of his obnoxious ringtone echoes through the whole room. The teacher roars at the student to go to the office, and just like every other kid in the class, you instinctively turn your head to watch the commotion unravel.

Now, imagine this second scenario: You forgot your textbook, you don’t have any reference to any work the teacher is going over today. Maybe it was a mistake or maybe you just couldn’t fit the textbook into your bag along with your other books. Fortunately enough, you have your phone to find and reference the online textbook.

Whether you are a student in high school, college, or even middle school, you can probably relate to these situations. Nowadays, cell phone use is highly noticeable in student classrooms. As the new multitasking machine makes its way into kids’ hands, teachers have to either cope with these devices or permit them.  A new study focused on the pros of cellphone use is now backing up students and teachers who see smartphones as a benefit to student learning.

A recently released study conducted by Tru supports mobile technology and its positive influence on student learning. The research showed that more than 1 out of 3 middle school students report they are using smartphones to do homework, and more than 1 in 4 students are using smartphones for their homework weekly. The study revealed that regardless of the school’s limitations on the technology, students would go ahead and use the devices for homework anyway. This seems to be a common trend. Although some schools forbid cell phones in school, there is strong evidence suggesting students disregard these regulations.

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MTB-VT: Knox Gets Dirty on Mountain Bike Trails

Mr. Carter Knox

The Green Mountains: the Vermont state slogan lives up it to name in scenic views all year round. These famous mountains stretch 250 miles from the Massachusetts border to Quebec, Canada. Somewhere near the middle, Chittenden county sits in the shadows of these mountains. On the outskirts of the big hills lies Catamount Family Center and Saxon Hill. Two iconic locations for some real Vermont mountain biking during the off-seasons. Both bring unique aspects to the table but only one can come out on top.

Catamount Family Center is located in the town of Williston, Vermont. Catamount was started back in 1978 and has been gradually gaining popularity since then. CFC is a non-profit organization with volunteers and very few employees. With 500 acres of a gentle combination of woodland, pasture, and cropland, Catamount is very popular with younger kids and families. This family center offers biking, hiking, and running trails during the summer while offering snowshoeing and nordic skiing in the winter.


Saxon Hill bridge work, photo courtesy of Fellowship of the Wheel


Catamount offers weekly cross-country races for those looking for a competitive side. The race course which changes every week is usually about mile but competitors can compete in different classes which have more/fewer laps. These races take place on Tuesdays in the summer. In addition, weekly cross-country running races are held on Wednesdays. A small fare is paid for each race or is including in your membership cost.

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VT Lawmakers Shed Water-quality Bill for Lake Champlain

Mr. Maxilla Brown

MONTPELIER – Vermont lawmakers passed a water-quality bill on Tuesday that focusses on cleaning up Lake Champlain.

The house and Senate passed this long-awaited bill with the aim to work with farmers to reduce the amount of pollutants, such as phosphorus and other harmful nutrients, that reach the waterways into Lake Champlain.

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin has stated that he’s grateful the Legislature has finished what he’s calling the “most significant clean water bill” in the state’s history. He plans to sign the bill into a law promptly.

The proposed bill will raise $7.5 million for clean up projects. This money will be generated through a property transfer tax and from fees on non-agricultural fertilizers and pesticides.

The bill follows a statement by the EPA, in February, declaring that they would reinforce water quality rules unless Vermont acted on cleaning up Lake Champlain. If action was not taken, Vermont cities and towns would have faced more than $300 million in federally required work to the nearby sewage plants.


Bernie Throws Down the Guantlet

Mr. Maximum Brown

BURLINGTON  – Vermont Sn. Bernie Sanders kicked off his presidential campaign on Tuesday May 26 surrounded by thousands of people on the Burlington Waterfront.

The rally featured Vermont classics such as Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, who not only served 70 pounds of their iconic Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but also spoke in agreement with Sanders’ cause. Jerry Greenfield has been fighting to get big businesses out of politics, just like Bernie Sanders has, since the 2010 court ruling on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which enabled corporations to spend unrestricted amounts in elections.


Vermonters and out-of-staters alike came to witness the current senator’s 35 minute speech covering his plans to start a “political revolution to transform our country economically, politically, socially and environmentally.”

Sanders wants to focus on income equality, calling it the “the great moral issue of our time.” Along with that, he’ll create a $1 trillion jobs and infrastructure program, decrease the influence of money in politics, rebalance taxes, and instate a Medicare-for-all health care system.

After finishing another series of rally events in New Hampshire, Sn. Sanders will head to Iowa to continue his presidential campaign.

What’s the Deal with ISIS?

Mr. Matthew Faris

The Islamic state is something we, as westerners, specifically, Americans, see a lot in the headlines of newspapers. However being an ocean away its easy to become detached from the issues dominating the middle east. As world citizens we have a responsibility to be informed about world events. Knowledge is power and coming to conclusions without all the available information is a dangerous thing. In this piece I will try to bridge the cultural gap and give a comprehensive overview of the Islamic state and ISIS otherwise known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shaw, so bear with me.

Where did ISIS come from? What is the Islamic state? What are the values of Islam? these are all questions which should be known by any one attempting a discussion on foreign affairs, but it is such a broad topic that it’s hard to wrap one’s head around. The geography and politics of the middle east are all essential to understanding the Islamic state of Iraq and al-Shaw, so where did it all begin?


Map courtesy of the Daily Beast

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LAX-Bro Report: Rebels Fend off Redhawks in the Dark

Story and Photos by Mr. Jake Dawson

South Burlington, VT­­ – The South Burlington Rebels hosted the CVU Redhawks on Friday, May 8th under the lights at 7:00pm. This was the second time the Redhawks took on the Rebels, but the first under the lights game on the South Burlington turf field. Fans quickly filled the stands at the turf and everyone was treated to a beautiful saxophone rendition of the star spangled banner.

The first faceoff of this game was won by South Burlington’s midfielder a Junior #17 Preston Grippo. Grippo quickly lost possession of the ball so CVU switched from defending to attacking. The Redhawks moved the ball around and it soon found #10 Junior midfielder Griffin Diparlo. Right in front of the net, Diparlo connected for the first goal of the game with just over a minute elapsed. Less than a minute later, the Redhawks scored again giving them a commanding lead with only a couple minutes gone. CVU’s Elliott Mitchell, a Senior midfielder helped his team some more which was the start of a big night for him. He took a page out of Diparlo’s book and scored right in front of the net. Mitchell will be attending UVM next year to play lacrosse for them.


The Rebels called a timeout after Mitchell’s goal, and they found their rhythm. They came back fast with a Sophomore midfielder #32 Max Capano who scored in front of the net on Senior #21 goalie Chris Gronlund. As the Rebels closed in on a tie, some intense defense by long stick midfielder, Senior #26 Greg Talbert  was needed. Talbert played keep away, darting back and forth in the middle of the field with the ball. He moved the ball downfield, and found Mitchell in front of the net again. Mitchell ripped a shot to the top left corner and scored. The Rebels fought back and scored again about 40 seconds after Mitchell.

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Trends: Fishing Catches On

Ms. Katherella Hoechner

With summer quickly approaching, more and more students engage in outdoor activity. Everyone has got their springtime muse. For some it’s lacrosse, others it’s track, and for these kids, it’s fishing.

Cole Bartlett, Max Akey, Charlie Bernike and George Davis are four of CVU’s most dedicated fishermen. How did I determine this? Easy. Just ask them what they did this weekend, yesterday after school, and the day before that… the answer stays the same. Fishing, and lots of it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 7.56.23 AM

Charlie Bernike with a Brown Trout on the Lamoille River

The boys are in love with all types of fishing, however this Spring they have been primarily fly fishing, with some fun good ol’ fishing on the side. The boys travel all around VT, with destinations ranging from Hinesburg all the way to Northern VT.

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Finals Loom, Pressure Builds

Mr. Dane Whitcomb

With the school year coming to an end the pressure of finals are increasing. Of the 220 students I surveyed the average student gave finals a 8 on a 1-10 scale of how much pressure is on them to perform well on their finals. Some crack under the pressure, and some push through and finish the year strong.

For freshman the stress level wasn’t nearly as high, a 6 on that same 1-10 scale. That is understandable. Most freshman classes don’t have finals, and if they do they are not as large as others. But as students progress through high school, finals become more stressful. For some junior students finals are viewed as a make or break week when it comes to getting into colleges they are interested in. The juniors at CVU felt their pressure was around a 9 out of 10.

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CVU = Coffee Valley Union

Mr. Matthew Faris

An abundance of fresh Vermont coffee can be found in the CVU cafeteria each morning. As the floodgates are opened and the liquid black gold fills my cup and the aroma wafts towards my tired nose, I realise this is one of the things taken for granted in the Redhawk Cafe.

The Redhawk cafe serves four varieties of Vermont Coffee Co’s. blends. Dark, a big and hearty slow roast. Decaf, obviously decaffeinated, is a full and dark blend. Full city roast, being more mellow and flavorful, and Joe’s blend, a nutty and aromatic coffee, was named after Joe Shook, a student who passed away in 2011. Each blend being unique, there is a wide variety available to keep things fresh.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 7.16.17 AM

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